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Obsessed Married Man Tells Betty Bayo To Get A Younger Boyfriend And He’ll Pay Him Sh100K Monthly For Coverup



You all know the gospel singer is currently single following divorce from her husband. That didn’t take her out of the game as it seems, got her right back in.

According to a leaked screenshot that the singer shared on her page, a clearly obsessed married man is offering to pay and furnish for her a house worth Sh180K. She disagreed with the proposal and the man goes ahead to suggest the she can get a younger man to be a coverup boyfriend since she’s a public figure while they go on with their affair.

Screenshot Bayo posted of the conversation with the married man.

Bayo’s page is a set of drama as she opens up to her followers.

My inbox is full of proposal to cut the list short here are

apart from being born again and God fearing below is the list of quality of my future husband mundu wa Ngai ni Kwiyaria
1 divorcee/single father ( bird of the same feathers )
2 high self esteem staki mtu hajaovercome past yet I have Mimi nsha overcome no crying babies
3 not mamas boy no no noo
4 be a tither in his church , no heavenly thief
5 know english, we can’t both talk broken english my fans must see the different
6 love my kids
7 vaccinated to cyberbully kama hana i will give him a dose huku tunaservive by fire by force
8 no shouting or violent I love peace
9 no too serious I don’t want a boring life
10 statement and original id

So if you think you match the fit then hit the DM but there’s still much more from Bayo.

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To any man in boxing me please note that 1 don’t keep secret nowadaiz I am petty the last time I kept a secret it dint work .,if your dating me be ready to date me together with my 161k fans, my fans are my spies ,your not dating me alone your dating a movement, ,and if your divorced ukuje umeuma divorce papers na mdomo , na kwa wale watu wa God hate divorce please tag alot other thing God hate , who love Divorce anyway , the secret of many people who are divorced that they don’t tell is that they reached a point in life where they only had two option
Divorce paper or eulogy ..ata kama ni wewe ungechangua ngani ?.. I pray to every happy married fans in this page they will never reached the point of divorce. 

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