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These Two Killed Jacob Juma



High voltage intelligence reaching me….goes Jacob Juma’s springboard lines before he dropped his endless yet explosive missiles exposing a scandal. Little known to the general public yet a familiar figure amongst the business and elite class of the society, JJ as he was referred to amongst his peers sprung into the public limelight with his new cap as an anti-corruption crusader.

Jacob Juma aka Kabetes a name that would later become famous amongst social media users and a nightmare to the intelligence agencies, was his breakthrough, in his boastful, egocentric and fierce nature, his tweets would perfectly reveal his face, Kabetes was taking on anyone with the least care. Nobody was too big to be squeezed neither too small to step on, like a disastrous flood, when he hit nobody was safe neither untouchable.

His ruthless delivery made him a person to watch and outstanding. His popularity elevated over time given these factors.

Coming from a high-end business world, Jacob had made more than enough enemies with many describing his business nature as controversial, a factor that would stay on lips and prints past his death.


The car Juma’s body was found in

Kabetes painted an immortal figure before the public, a billionaire with best of security in the world and immense connection to trap any ill-intentioned person in the world before they would hit him. And again he seemed fearless or feigned it.

In one of his impulsive tweets, he’s quoted throwing jabs at the Jubilee administration swearing his courageous stand on fighting corruption despite assassination threats imminent against him.

By taking a big stand fighting corruption, Jacob Juma knew the dangers posed, taking on the cartels was a thorny path that he took knowing one miss calculations in his steps and his down to an injurious end.

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Inadvertent, Jacob took the dangerous route taking on the crocodile by its lethal teeth. Jacob came out wild, a bruised animal, armed to the teeth, this was after his company Cortec had its mining license revoked by the Jubilee administration.

He would later, come out and accuse the then mining minister, Najib Balala asking him for bribes and that he was working for Ruto, a once good friend now a powerful person in the government and turned a sworn enemy. Like a jail filled to the brim, Jacob wasn’t taking in any more inmate, and sleeves folded he went all in.

On May 5th True to his predictions, Jacob Juma was fell by mysterious gunmen who according to the police laid an ambush on him as he was headed home around Lenana School along Ngong Road. The life of a man who made a name for being too vocal on matters corruption had in seven bullets taken away. The major issue that would follow after is who killed rather ordered for the murder of JJ.

Conventionally, several theories cropped up with media tactfully pointing the general finger at his dubious business deals which dominated headlines since day one. From my highly placed sources, I can authoritatively say Jacob Juma’s murder had nothing to do with this angle; he made enemies with the businesspersons a fact, but they didn’t touch him.

Brian Yongo, the last of businesspeople, publicly reported to have been involved in court tussles with late was a business partner with JJ whom they date back with from 1997 and fell out in 2012 in a Sh.400m land fraud matter.

Yongo sent Juma threatening messages, and he was taken to Kiambu Law Courts to answer on the charges Juma pressed on him.

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December 2015, Juma again reported Yongo to the police for sending him life threatening messages and hiring a gang that was at his gate ready to execute him. Unknown to the public according to police reports from my sources, Juma had impregnated Yongo’s wife a reason he was after his life.

According to one of Jacob Juma’s close friends talking to me, his biggest sin was taking the government head on. “He decided to go all in fighting the government, something he was not going to win also the corruption cartel, the link is too vast to win over, he touched the nerve, and these people were going to fight back.” He tells me.

During Juma’s requiem mass, Raila Odinga also a friend to the slain is quoted saying “we all knew Jacob was going to be taken away at one point, he took a daring position, courageous for a man his age, and he was killed by the state and the inner state.”

Elsewhere Raila repeatedly mentioned Kwekwe, a lethal elite police squad that according to police has been disbanded as the one tasked to kill Juma. Security minister Nkaissery refuted these allegations reiterating that such a unit doesn’t exist.

In narrowing down to who indeed killed Jacob Juma one simply need to narrow down to the most vocal positions that he took. According to journalist Nyambega of Daily Nation, Jacob Juma in the run up to his death wasn’t well off financially and that he was a talking proxy of a powerful and influential figure in the bigger cartel.

An authoritative source in the state confided in me that the state is committed to dismantling the cartel that is deeply rooted in the system, “these people are everywhere from Statehouse to the courts to the police name it, but the president is committed to bringing it down a step at a time.”

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Mr. High voltage intelligence had the financial muscle to get intelligence from any part of the system even before it would reach the government. Juma had his nose everywhere, and this proved as a nightmare to the corruption cartel.

Himself having been deep in the system and now ‘reformed’ Juma had a lot of information on these guys and would use it against them on any tackle.

Juma’s weakness or strength was the loud mouth. He was unstoppable; he had a lot of secrets in the state and the corruption ring, and nothing, not even death would scare him off.

jacob-jumaHe made life unbearable for the ring; it was no longer business as usual. Any dirt that he had was on his tweets the next minute. Eurobond which is his biggest task and that he committed his blood on exposing and about Sh10Bn supposedly missing. JJ ensured the looters didn’t have a healthy mealtime. Creating larger enemies who want to eat undisturbed.

While the police are still continuing with their investigations, chief suspects on Jacob Juma’s death have been narrowed down to either the state committed to dismantling the long corruption cartel that has been a thorn in the flesh. Or the crime ring that has its feet in every sector of the economy and Jacob Juma was blocking their ways by constantly exposing their secrets, and he was an unstoppable and only way to silence him through bullets.

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