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Jacob Juma’s Personal Security Measures in His Last Days




Jacob Juma during a court session

It would’ve easily passed the public’s eye the legislation banning ordinary citizens from having armored cars were it not for Jacob Juma who on his Twitter feed rushed to accuse his enemy DP Ruto as the mastermind and sponsor of the bill.

He sensationally stated that the legislation was done with him in mind since he was an elimination target and was driving around in an armored car.

With his boastful nature, Jacob didn’t hide it from anyone that his vehicle was armored, Cheryl Kitonga the last lady he was seen with and who claims it was their first meeting, in a recorded phone call confessed that Jacob had told her his car was armored.

Some his friends that have contacted Kenya Insights say Jacob felt safe in his vehicle, there was no way anyone would get to him since he was aware many were baying for his blood and more so the state that he kept pointing fingers at.

He perfectly painted a picture of an immortal being, and a fly couldn’t even land on him. Fetched from his public chest thumping and exultant talks with his peers and associates. Despite all these, he was caught off guard and killed.

Concerned about his safety, close friends including one who talked on anonymity conditions to us, warned JJ and advised him to boost his security. Jacob had earlier in the week called on CORD’s Moses Wetangula where they met at a restaurant in Karen, he confided to him on his assassination plot. Apparently, he had gotten wind of plans to take him out.

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His wife, Miriam also said he had expressed to her his fears of being killed. However, despite all these red signs and beseech from his friends, JJ didn’t change much.

According to confidants Jacob never had with him any security detail, he was a one army man. Trusted no one except his taxi driver who we learn tripled as his errand boy, a close confidant and a friend for many years.

He walked around with his licensed gun wherever he went and once in a whole would show it off to his friends at sometimes his concubines. “He never allowed anyone in his car, and he told me it was out of my security as he was a target” a source intimates to Kenya Insights.

Being cautious, Jacob always drove himself, and he didn’t have a driver a fact that his wife Miriam affirms. With his armored Mercedes Benz and a gun on his hip, JJ felt safe.


Shattered windows of JJ’s Car

Singly, on the day that he got killed, Jacob did not have his gun with him. From sources, he had just renewed his license two weeks before. This was unusual for him as the friends say. The only explanation would be death beckoned. When the police found his body, he had with him the gun license. Regulations require a holder to have the license with him whenever you have the gun.

The gun has since been handed over to the police. According to an anonymous publication doing rounds in the social media secret groups, a close associate of Juma is enjoying round the clock security with lethal commandos drawn from Israeli special forces since he’s also a target.

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Many have questioned as to why he couldn’t have assigned one of his guards to him. Going back to earlier confessions, JJ didn’t want any security detail. He didn’t have his gun with him at the time of his murder, and he was totally unarmed.


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