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Incompetent NOC-K And Selfish Sports Ministry Officials Dampens Morale For Kenyan’s Athletes In Rio Olympics



Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario

Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario

As the general public in Kenya and International friendly countries take pride in our victorious athletes, some fictitious characters are not reciprocating the appreciation. More than ever in History, the Kenta’s team to Rio has been rocked with chaos and sportsmen slammed with unsettled state of mind and all these thanks to the disorganised Olympic’s committee and the unconcerned Sports ministry.

The National Olympic Committee of Kenya(NOC-K) has been a pain in the ankles of many athletes who’ve been forced and reduced to hopeless and insignificant persons in the international competitions, yet they’re the main characters in these games. The gaffes at NOC-K started even before the athletes flew out and Julius Yego called them out pointing at the incompetence and sheer negligence by the officials.

Later on, as the athletes were flying out, drama ensued when Yego one of the most valued athletes in the team could not travel since he had a ticket hitch which is upon the NOC-K to process for all athletes, someone was trying to pull strings, bad way. A standoff was planted at JKIA and athletes refused to fly out until Yego’s issue was resolved, and it was. More disturbing, Yego’s coach was not booked to travel with him for proper preparations and scheduled for Rio a day to Yego’s performance in the field.

This was happening when Sports Ministry officials led by CS Wario in what Kenya Insights learns who are even more than the athlete’s numbers had already been flown ahead of athletes and booked into luxurious hotels for the rest of the Olympics period while back home athletes and coaches had hopes hanging on a cliff what a joke.

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Still, on NOC-K’s ineptitude, a Kenyan sprinter Boniface Mweresa named for men’s 4x400m relay team was dropped just a week to the competition, the news was delivered to him while in the training camp with rest of Kenya team. Another Sprinter, a Kenyan-US based Carvin Nkanata was barred from competing in the games following Passport hitch.


Carvin has dual citizenship and had his US passport with him, turned away, he had the option to appeal the decision so the NOC-K could facilitate to have his Kenyan passport and have him back in the competition, the committee refused to appeal in his favour as similar cases get appeals in other teams. Carvin was forced to travel back to the US as pot bellied officials opted to ride on his bills.

President Uhuru and the Rio Team when he flagged them off at Statehouse

President Uhuru and the Rio Team when he flagged them off at Statehouse

Another coach John Anzrah adds to the humiliation of Kenya’s team after NOC-K official Michael Rotich was sent home for his doping cartel involvement. Anzarah was also sent packing after he posed as an athlete for doping test by giving his urine samples. In a twist, the concerned athlete claims Anzrah used his accreditation purely to obtain free meals from the athlete’s village. This means NOC-K officials couldn’t secure accreditation for the coaches so they have to rely on the athlete’s IDs and shadow to survive such a mess.

As Coaches survive on pathetic and desperate lines, Sports officials who even took their kids and concubines with them are enjoying the moments of their lives in the luxury hotels outside, an MP Wamalwa was caught on camera drinking heavy and enjoying the tourism commodities(prostitutes) in Rio.

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One wonders who should’ve been the key priority for the committee and the officials. Wario as the responsible CS must take responsibility and roast in the heat. Players and coaches should’ve been the top priority and not lazy staff members who are not adding any value to the team and to anyone other than overburdening the taxpayer. These frustrations on athletes would dampen their moods and affect their performances. To sound like a prophet of doom, Kenya might just witness the worst performance ever. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen and if it does look for Wario and his incompetent bandwagon.

With all these psychological torture and belittling phase the athletes are forced by the carnivorous, prejudiced and inefficient officials, killing the patriotism spirit of the team. Don’t be surprised if some athletes belt out and agree to be bought by other countries who will appreciate and give them the respect and royal treatment that they deserve. Athletics is one of the basics that makes Kenya standout and put us on the tourism destination maps, and we must not gamble with it. We must say shame on NOC-K and CS Wario for overseeing the athlete’s torture.

In a despairing and futile move to block the cries of Kenya’s athletes from being highlighted, CS Hassan Wario has ordered that international press locked out of Kenya’s camp claiming that they’re blackmailing and sourcing for maligning stories, Hassan just because you have a wound doesn’t mean you chop off your leg, put the house in order. Corruption is not new in your docket, you’ve been tainted with numerous scandals in your tenure. Athletes have also been banned from talking to journalists a tactical gag order to keep them suffering beneath zones.  We will continue to highlight plights as they arise and not hide behind patriotism at the expense of our respect deserving athletes.

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