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The Case of Oscar Sudi And Why Parliament Must Get Serious About Summons



Oscar Sudi

Once again, the hallowed halls of Kenya’s Parliament echo with promises of justice and accountability.

This time, the National Assembly Committee on Lands has summoned Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi over the alleged illegal acquisition of over 1,500 acres of land in Kesses, Uasin Gishu County.

The allegations are serious, involving land that rightfully belongs to squatters, raising questions about the integrity and intentions of our elected officials.

However, if recent history indicates, there is a real risk that these proceedings might merely serve as a spectacle, cleansing and sanitizing corrupt politicians rather than holding them accountable.


Oscar Sudi

The Oscar Sudi Saga

Oscar Sudi’s case is particularly egregious. The MP has been embroiled in controversy before, notably being acquitted of charges related to forging his KCSE certificate.

Despite the court ruling that the prosecution failed to prove its case, the pattern is troubling. Now, with the land-grabbing allegations, there is a palpable sense of déjà vu.

Will Sudi walk away unscathed once again, his reputation laundered by the very system meant to hold him accountable?

The allegations against Sudi involve land in Kesses that should be in the hands of squatters.

The National Assembly Committee on Lands, led by Chairman Joash Nyamoko, has instructed their clerks to summon Sudi after being mentioned by the affected squatters.


They have also halted farming activities on the disputed land. These actions, while commendable, are just the beginning.

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Empty Summons and Hollow Proceedings

The process of summoning MPs and officials is supposed to be a cornerstone of our democracy, ensuring that those in power answer for their actions.

However, the case of MP Oscar Sudi is not the first instance where such summons have raised more questions than answers.

Recently, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi was summoned over a fake fertilizer probe, only to be exonerated by a select committee that found the allegations “unsubstantiated.”

This decision came despite significant public outcry and a detailed dissenting report by four committee members.


If we are to believe that Parliament is serious about tackling corruption, it must start by ensuring that these summons lead to real accountability, not just procedural formalities that allow those in power to escape unscathed.

The Need for Real Accountability

For too long, the political elite in Kenya, especially those aligned with the ruling UDA-Party/Kenya Kwanza administration, have manipulated the system to evade justice.

Parliamentary summonses should not be mere rituals that offer a veneer of accountability while effectively exonerating those who are guilty.

It is imperative that the National Assembly Committee on Lands conduct a thorough, transparent investigation into the land-grabbing allegations against Sudi.

Moreover, this case should serve as a precedent. Committees should be empowered and obligated to pursue justice without fear or favor.


The independence of these committees is paramount to ensuring that they are not influenced by political pressures or allegiances.

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Every Kenyan deserves to see their leaders held to the same standards of accountability, regardless of their political affiliation.

A Call to Action

The integrity of our parliamentary processes is at stake. Kenyans are watching closely, and they deserve a government that is committed to justice and transparency.

The Sudi case is a litmus test for Parliament. Will it demonstrate that it is capable of holding powerful individuals accountable, or will it fall into the same patterns of obfuscation and exoneration?

As Kenyans, we must demand more from our elected representatives. We must insist that parliamentary summons are not tools for political theater but instruments of justice.


The National Assembly Committee on Lands has a responsibility to ensure that their investigation into the allegations against Oscar Sudi is thorough, impartial, and transparent.


The summons of Oscar Sudi over the alleged land-grabbing in Kesses is a critical moment for Kenya’s Parliament.

It is an opportunity to show that the legislative body is serious about tackling corruption and holding its members accountable.

However, if this summons is merely a prelude to another exoneration, it will further erode public trust in our institutions.

Parliament must rise to the occasion. The people of Kenya are watching, and they will not accept another whitewash.


Justice must be served, and it must be seen to be served. The future of our democracy depends on it.

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