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Jua Cali Launches ‘Cali Cast’: A Glimpse into the Birth of Genge, Kenya’s Grammy-Recognized Sub-Genre



Jua Cali Launches 'Cali Cast'

The vibrant world of Kenyan music has witnessed the rise of numerous genres that have left an indelible mark on the country’s cultural landscape. Among these, Genge, a subgenre of hip hop, has emerged as a distinctive and influential musical style.

Originating in Nairobi’s California estate in the late 1990s, Genge has captivated audiences with its unique sound and lyrical prowess.

Kenya’s legendary rapper Jua Cali, one of Genge’s pioneers, has unveiled a new venture called ‘Cali Cast,’ a podcast that delves into the birth and evolution of Genge.

With this podcast, Jua Cali aims to shed light on the genre’s journey and its recent recognition by the Grammys.

Jua Cali Launches 'Cali Cast'


Genge: A Cultural Phenomenon

Genge has its roots firmly planted in the vibrant streets of Nairobi. Inspired by the American hip hop scene, Genge artists sought to create a sound that was uniquely Kenyan, infused with their own experiences and stories.

Jua Cali, along with Producer Clemo (Beat ya Clemo) and Rapper Nonini, played a pivotal role in shaping the genre and establishing its distinct identity.

Their innovative use of Swahili lyrics, coupled with catchy beats and energetic performances, resonated with the youth and soon spread like wildfire.

Genge Influence and Evolution

The impact of Genge extends far beyond its pioneers. It has influenced and paved the way for many household names in the Kenyan music industry. Artists such as Jimwat, Rapper Mejja, and P-Unit drew inspiration from Genge and incorporated its elements into their own music.

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Genge’s success can also be attributed to its relatability and ability to address social and political issues. Its raw and honest approach has given a voice to the marginalized and has resonated with Kenyans from all walks of life.

Jua Cali’s Ongoing Legacy

Throughout the years, Jua Cali has remained a steadfast champion of Genge. His contributions to the genre are immeasurable, with his lyrics reflecting the realities and aspirations of the Kenyan people.


With his recent release, ‘UTU UZIMA,’ Jua Cali proves that his creative flame still burns brightly.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Jua Cali has embraced social media as a means of connecting with fans, engaging in meaningful conversations, and sharing his experiences.

Jua Cali Launches ‘Cali Cast’: Unveiling Genge’s Untold Stories

Now, Jua Cali takes his dedication to Genge to a new level with the launch of ‘Cali Cast.’ This podcast serves as a platform to narrate the untold stories surrounding the birth of Genge and its journey to global recognition.

Through interviews, discussions, and personal anecdotes, Jua Cali aims to shed light on the genre’s origins, its growth, and its impact on Kenyan music.


Genge’s Global Recognition

The recent recognition of Genge by the prestigious Grammys marks a significant milestone for Kenyan music. It underscores the genre’s enduring relevance and its ability to captivate international audiences. Jua Cali’s ‘Cali Cast’ serves as a celebration of this achievement, highlighting the immense talent and creativity within the Kenyan music industry.

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As Jua Cali continues to spearhead the Genge movement, his ‘Cali Cast’ podcast opens a new chapter in the genre’s narrative.

By sharing the stories and experiences of Genge’s pioneers and offering a glimpse into its cultural significance, Jua Cali invites listeners to appreciate the genre’s rich history and ongoing evolution.

May Genge continue to grow and fly the Kenyan flag high, showcasing the remarkable talent that resides within the nation’s music scene.


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