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Political Dynasties In Kenya Produce The Most Incompetent And Pathetic Leadership Breed



Former Minister Henry Kosgey with his son Alex.

Former Minister Henry Kosgey with his son Alex.

Emgwen Mp Alex Kimutai Kosgei is at the risk of losing his seat which is set to be declared vacant. The One FM proprietor is the son of the former cabinet minister, Henry Kosgei. Alex has been accused of being incompetent and lazy, missing 68 sitting and more than eight consecutive sittings. His constituents have been demonstrating calling for his resignation, but he blames June Ruto’s boyfriend, Meshack Kimutai for his woes. He is seeking a scapegoat in Meshack as the man behind demonstration that have paralysed operations in his constituency.

There are reports that the lazy lawmaker tried to bribe Meshack with Shs 30 million to allow him to finish his term. Meshack refused to take the alleged bribe claiming he is a self-made millionaire who does not make money by betraying the constituents of Emgwen. Alex is among other members as Dalmas Otieno, Nominated Mp Dr Oburu Oginga and Raymond Moi who is the son of the retired president, Daniel Moi. These MPs have had their political careers hang in the balance for absenteeism.

The newly introduced biometric system makes it easier to track members’ attendance. National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi said. He also added that members of parliament should have a clear understanding of this and avoid unnecessary skipping of sittings or else they risk losing their seats. Lazy honourable like Alex and Raymond Moi are not aware that gone are the old days when their fathers served. Back then members would cheat by using parliamentary orderlies to sign for them attendance list.

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The fact that Alex, Raymond and Oburu have made news, for this reason, is a clear indicator that political dynasty is not a good thing though present in the modern democracy. As much as one may argue that everyone has a right to offer themselves for leadership in elective positions, it raises issues of inequality. It works best to benefit greedy political families to acquire wealth and power and steal from the people. It’s impossible to see families fight ‘tooth and nail’ to control ‘small’ professions like nursing or pass it to their children like they do in politics.

Dynasty now poses sticky problems; incompetent individuals like this lazy Alex are forced on the electorate just because their families are part of the ruling elites. Without a track record, this guy rode on his dad’s fame to launch his lame political career. The only thing he did differently was choosing a political party that was ‘the wave’ of the region, URP, other than his dad’s ODM through which he lost his senatorial bid for trying to cut against the grains. In fact, his decision to run on URP seems more like his dad’s advice to keep the family name in political spheres.

But if history is anything to go by, what was his father known for that would attract the public? nothing. If not being part of the infamous ‘Ocampo Six’, importing old cars contrary to the law when he was the minister for industrialisation and cases of hate speech and corruption here and there. Chances of an individual like this producing a good leader are slim.

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