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Probing Sonko Over Treasonous Remarks Nothing But Just A Waste Of Time and Resources



Keen eyes must by now have noticed that Sonko thrives in showbiz as opposed to substance. The legislator has nothing serious in his tenure that can be written home other than teenage moves that he keeps pulling to put him in the headlines.

Sonko knows well without the dramas that he consistently draws and the cosmetic philanthropy he broadcasts; he would be irrelevant. As an attention seeker and one who knows the relevance of being on people’s mouths regardless of the issue at hand, Sonko will continue to make the most of the bizarre moves just to keep him afloat.

The latest incident in which he declared himself acting president at a funeral wasn’t so shocking I mean what can’t Sonko do when it comes to acting stupid, childish and all, no one can beat him at his expertise. Like a shark in water, Sonko thrives well in imbecilic grounds.

The utterance he made somehow put him in trouble, well not concern really, so the DPP instructed CID to investigate and send the report for prosecution. He was grilled then left. Addressed media and denied everything, typical of every politician. Now everything I playing as wished with the media giving Sonko free coverage with headlines and all. He baits the media, and since the press is obsessed with sensational news, Sonko is such a rich source for useless news items.

Knowing his kids, the President has laughed off Sonko remarks urging people to ignore funeral talks which most of the times made by individuals intoxicated with the most lethal drugs in the market. He’s saying don’t take Sonko seriously; he’s a joker. Pride comes before fall, even though Sonko’s fall is still far from its edge, it sure will one day.

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We all know there’s nothing that will happen to Sonko in this case, so the probing is just a mere waste of time and public resources. Sometimes it’s only advisable to let the madman walk around naked than rushing with clothes to wrap him; he won’t accept your offer.

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