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OLAMBO: IEBC New Directive To Cap Campaign’s Expenditures Nothing But Hot Air



IEBC Chairman, Isaack Hassan

IEBC Chairman, Isaack Hassan

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) on Thursday published campaign finance regulations which set limits on expenditure by political parties and candidates in the 2017 campaigns.

The electoral body capped presidential aspirants spending to Kshs 5.2 billion, Governors, Senators and women reps to Kshs 432 million, Members of Parliament to Kshs 330 million and members of County Assembly to Kshs 103 million.

Individual party expenditure is set not exceed 150 million dollars and a single source contribution not to exceed 30 million dollars. The body also added that any candidate or party flouting the rules will be liable to a fine no exceeding 2 million dollars, or a jail term not exceeding five years or both.

Certain quarters find this paradoxical that the unfit IEBC is setting campaign expenditure caps but it’s right to do so since they are still the commissioners till the new ones are appointed. This is just a good statement and exactly what the people want to but it’s nothing close to what will actually be done.

Who will monitor the expenditure if one may ask and who has the guts to send any politician found guilty of flouting the rules to jail?

The regulations present more questions than answers, who is the source of the amounts of money said here. If a sitting governor once denied being in a position to afford a two million dollar bribe to influence a petition case. Dr. Evans Kidero treated the amount as huge to an extent that it would only be ferried in trucks, where would a mere MCA get over one hundred million shillings to campaign.

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Money is power and individuals talked about here have the financial might to muzzle any case brought against them. Institutions in Kenya have been crippled by corruption and the law is applied selectively . Relevant institutions like Ethica and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) have been turned into nothing but places where the ‘big fish’ are cleaned out. What if one spends more than Shs 5.2 billion and goes ahead to win the presidency, who will send that individual to jail?

By Nicholas Olambo

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