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I Did Not Cum Inside, Words She Did Not See Coming But What She Got



Note: Some of you might find the language used as vulgar and inappropriate

Gone are the days when people were reserved and having sex was only between people in a relationship if not marriage. Welcome to the era of casual sex where anyone gets a way thorough without attachments. In most cases, such kind of a relationship is embedded in a financial benefits or just random escapades. The most common being the well clothed prostitution of sex for financial exchange popular in cross generational sex.

The sponsor culture which has reduced the young ladies to nothing but sexual objects at the expense of financial gains, has continued to devalue the meaning of the reserved act not to forget young boys also are into the venture of being toyed around by older women.
One thing in common, the players in this new business opening engage in the deadliest actions with less or no precautions taken talk of being treated like a commodity. Most of the times they engage in unprotected sexual acts not minding about the repercussions which in this case include unwanted pregnancies and STDs.
We’ve received a not unusual story of a lady who got herself a sponsor that she names World Bank an indication that he was giving her the money in exchange for sex. The lady would later realize she’s paged after unprotected sex with the married man who as the rest of his alike, denied ejaculating in the seemingly naive young lady.
The man denies responsibility and is at the verge of abandoning her in the middle of the whole circus, she even hints at a possibility of pinning the pregnancy on a boyfriend if she had any. Now this the kind of nonsense most these thots put their innocent boyfriends through. Since they want quick cash, they’ll play the fella with older people go out on disease and pregnancy collection spree only to come and victimize an innocent faithful boyfriend. The body fast food culture of fast consuming this generation.
You go sleeping with a married man and expect him to stick it leave his family when things go other way? If you must sleep with them then at least bargain for a condom. Men on the other side need to style up, you know you’re married and still go raw on these thots yet get mad when she turns around as paged? You don’t cum air, don’t you? And this stupidity of denying your nut is so ancient. Own up to your nut.
Follow the story on the lady below.

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