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Nairobian Resident Seeks To Have Richard Ngatia Blocked From Race Over Alleged Fake Degree



Richard Ngatia

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry(KNCCI) boss Richard Ngatia who’s eyeing the Nairobi’s Gubernatorial seat is not seating easy as more focus has been on him lately more so on his academic credentials.

In what could open up his untold past, a city resident George Mwanzia, who also says he’s a Jubilee Party member in which Ngatia is contesting on, has filled a petition with the party claiming that Ngatia doesn’t have a degree and the one he purports to be holding is not from a university recognized in Kenya, a key requirement for all gubernatorial contestants.

He wants him to be stopped from the race over for allegedly holding dubious academic credentials.

In the last week, a supposed degree certificate for Ngatia has been doing heavy rounds on social media. According to the document seen by Kenya Insights, Ngatia was issued a degree in BA.Corporate Leadership and Governance from San Juan De La Cruz University in Costa Rica. We did a research on the authenticity of the school and while it’s a credited institution, it appears to also be a target of scammers who’ve opened many fake websites targeting those looking for quick degrees.

We also can’t confirm if the document doing rounds is also indeed Ngatia or not but we’ve written to the university’s board seeking clairity on this and will update. In hit campaigns by opponents, Ngatia’s KCSE certificate was also leaked online with claims that he scored a D(plain) a grade that in Kenya doesn’t qualify you to register with any local University as it’s the second last in grading system.

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Mwanzia maintains that where there’s smoke there’s fire and that the aspirant doesn’t hold a genuine academic certificate which should automatically block him from the race.

“Richard Ngatia does not hold a degree from a university recognised in Kenya. Therefore, he should not be allowed to participate in the Jubilee party nominations exercise for Nairobi City County gubernatorial position,” reads Mwanzia’s petition sent to the party’s Executive Director.

Ngatia’s integrity has perhaps been the biggest hit he has had to face in present past as his name has featured prominently in key healthcare scandals. Ngatia who owns Megascope Healthcare Limited, was mentioned as one of the biggest beneficiaries in the now famous billionaires.

In the midst of all the circus, Jubilee Party is not putting all its eggs in one bucket, an insider has told us that they’re considering Polycarp Igathe as a possible replacement for Ngatia should his qualifications lock him out. The Azimio maths has always been to have a Kikuyu in the equation.

Already, there are rife talks on the higher tables that Igathe would’ve to deputize Tim Wanyonyi who appears to be the leading contender from various opinion polls.


Johnson Sakaja the immediate city Senator and now eying the governor seat is also having a rough time as his past come to haunt.

There are claims that he doesn’t hold a degree and had dropped out of the university after failing to attain the requirements from the actuarial science course he was pursuing at the University of Nairobi.

In 2017 elections, he became a punching bag for his opponents with one Evans Kidero calling him academic dwarf who didn’t have a degree. He silently dropped out of the governor race and went for senate, many believed it was because of lack of papers that made him bolt out.

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Critics have also edged him out claiming he’s not a fully Luhya but has Kalenjin heritage. There are claims that his father was a Sabaot and infact an ID has been circulated showing his Kalenjin name as Koskei.

Here’s why this matters, Luhyas make a huge number of voters in Nairobi and with the voting dynamics in Kenya mostly ethnic, one is likely to scoop huge votes from their community. UDA went for Sakaja with hopes that he gets the Luhya votes which Tim Wanyonyi a Luhya to is banking on.

Like Ngatia, Sakaja has had integrity issues as a company linked to him was mentioned in the Kemsa scandal.

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