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Nairobi Women Representative, Race, Has Not Attracted Serious Candidates



Millicent Omanga one of the aspirants

Millicent Omanga one of the aspirants

By a Kenya Insights Contributor

As 2017 fast approaches, political landscapes are changing. Nairobi is at the centre of everything political. The gubernatorial seat is attracting many candidates from the Jubilee wing, and so the women rep position, the incumbent Hon. Rachael Shebesh is up for an uphill task to defend her seat.

Latest polls are showing Nairobi, businesswoman, Esther Passaris enjoying a 28% lead, Rachael Shebesh is second with 20 percent, Wangui Ng’ang’a is a distance third with 2 percent followed by new entrant Karen Nyamu who enjoys only 1 percent. Of all the candidates so far, the city lawyer Karen Njeri Nyamu has been doing meet the people during the weekends traversing various slums.

With the incumbent lacking a track record that speaks for itself the new entrants have no policies too other than clinging on peculiar monikers like Toto si Toto, Bae wa Nairobi, Wakili wa Mama na Watoto and taking pictures in slums to identify with the dwellers when they don’t understand needs of the Nairobians. Ms Njeri for instance admitted to having no manifesto as the prepares to clinch the nomination ticket.

With latest trends politics is almost lacking seriousness, the seat that was created through the new constitution to enhance gender balance has not been understood. Even some candidates are not aware that women representatives though majorly representing the interests of women are just like other MPs( Members of Parliament).

Karen Nyamu,, Women Rep aspirant in the slums where she has been doing grassroots campaigns

Karen Nyamu,, Women Rep aspirant in the slums where she has been doing grassroots campaigns

Ladies who are moderately successful in business and desperate for fame chest thump without proper policies running for the seat. You can not employ every woman at the EPZ (Export Processing Zone), times have changed, we are living in the 21st century. It’s too late to promise people jobs that can barely support their lives. Initiate ideas that can fix problems that people face.

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Most of these candidates are people who have access to individuals or cash to facilitate their way to greener pastures. At the centre of political leadership is a relationship, Hillary Clinton once said but many candidates around have no time-tested relationship with the people.

They come at the eleventh hour, hoodwink the people, get elected, forget the people and fill their stomachs. Relationship with the people in this context is not taking desperate photos with poor kids at the slums and jumping over dirty trenches with the poor drainage system.
Nairobi did not see these candidates doing the same two or three years ago, and these are cheap PR stunts meant to work as ‘a political currency’ to win elections.

It makes no sense jumping over trenches or taking pictures with malnourished kids and promising to employ people at the EPZ. The photo and promise don’t relate and why should you wait till you are elected to hire people? Do it now if you can because empty promises work no more. Maybe Shebesh has not done a commendable job other controversies here and there, but her successor must be the serious candidate, not a restless socialite.

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