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Sound Of Impunity: Cornered Mutahi Ngunyi Brags That He Stole Sh12.5M NYS Money Because He Is A Kikuyu



Mutahi Ngunyi at Milimani Law Courts

Mutahi Ngunyi at Milimani Law Courts

While lives of many have been thrown into the ditches and crime rates rising high due to elevated levels of unemployment and idle youths joining criminal gangs, the beneficiary of NYS fraud is out here adding salt to the injury. Mutahi Ngunyi, a renowned political analyst, cum NYS scam fraudster is having a hard time trying to cleanse his name buried deep in the NYS fraud mud.

Mutahi in a recent letter to the Ministry of public service, gender and youth, came out defensive claiming an audit report gave his firm The House of Consulting a clean bill of health refuting claims that they received an extra amount of Sh.12.5M from the NYS on the consulting services they were offering. Auditor General in his FY 2014/15 report pointed out Mutahi Ngunyi was irregularly paid Sh.12.5M more on what he was to be paid. He rubbished off the claims calling the Auditor an agent of Raila playing politics.

Ironically, in the same letter he acknowledges his company received an exact amount but in a rare twist and hoodwinking move, claim the amount is unclaimed for since a mysterious client made it and they didn’t invoice for the same. Its laughable that an entire Sh.12.5M sat on his account without noticing, and it had to take the Auditor General’s signal one year later to realise the “accidental’ deposit. Did Mutahi file his tax returns for 2015? If he did, he would’ve detected the mysterious amount, finding out a year later puts into question his tax compliance as well.

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Social Media has been on its true face calling for Mutahi Ngunyi’s arrest with majority convinced he was paid the extra amount and was merely hanging on the loose strings.

Unapologetic and arrogant Mutahi has come out and spat on Kenyans faces saying he is rich because he is a Kikuyu, given the context he’s saying he stole the NYS money because he was a Kikuyu and that ‘mtado?’. It’s very wrong for Mutahi to seek refuge from his fraud unto haunting in the tribal shell.





Talking of Consultancy services to NYS, Mutahi Ngunyi is said to have plagiarized NYS review Task Force gazetted on May 26, 2007(Vol. CIX No.36) Ngunyi sim[ply adopted the findings of the task force constituted by the then Youth Minister Mohammed Kuti and named it 5-Point and pocketed Sh.38M for a consultation he never researched on. His fraudulent ways obviously didn’t start today.

Poverty doesn’t discriminate on tribal lines, Mutahi doesn’t need to be lectured but he can visit Mathare, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, and any other slums you can think of you’ll find Kikuyus trying to make a life alongside fellow Kenyans, the hogwash that it’s natural for every Kikuyu to be rich and insinuating others to be rich, goes further again to expose his lack of touch with the reality on the ground. Makes you question his accuracy on the unending hypothesis if he is unable to decipher such a basic point.

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