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How I Infected Nairobi OCS With HIV



I will not reveal the personal details of those involved in this story because it’s illegal to publicly disclose one’s health conditions.


Hi Edward,

I’ve been seing your articles on a Facebook group we happen to be in together and one of it that was talking about that Mathare kid with HIV and Aids touched me. I’ll like to tell you about my personal story too. Make sure you don’t mention my name because this can get me killed. Si wewe unajua tu hii Kenya yetu.

Am called *name withheld* from Kapenguria but currently working in Mombasa. After college, life was so difficult for me and i found myself in a very terrible situation. Lemme narrate the story in briefs.

I have a BTM degree from Moi University and never ever seen a payslip from that useless paper. I tried hustling with it but that’s a story for another day.

I went to Mombasa with a friend of mine who later impregnated me and varnished after i delivered a baby boy. Lucky for me he had paid the house for a whole year and a half and he also left me with furnitures. Hii pia ni story ingine mrefu.

To cut the long story short, i used the house i was left in as a lodging for me and my lady friends that were also doing commercial sex. I had to get cash to survive and feed my child.

I spent the whole year saving few moneies I stole from drunk men who used to come and relieve their stress on me and those who puked in the house. After a year and a half, i relocated to Nairobi and when i wanted to join a certain NGO, my HIV test results came positive. I was ready for such, though. Si ni life.

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I come to Nairobi in April this year. I was staying at *area withheld* and was still in the mood of the Mombasa business. So, one day i was arrested by Kenya police at night after being dropped near where i used to stay.

I begged Police to release me but one of them was also my customer who we happened to have forced to pay extra and took his phone. So the cop said mimi ni mwizi and this was my day.

I was taken to *#$%$ Police station. Was held overnight then the OCS supervised early mornings head count. I pleaded with him and he called me outside and i told him to do anything he wants but don’t take me to court. He asked me to accompany him to a nearby lodge. I was escorted by a junior officer.

I found him in the room ready for sex and i told him to use the condom because i don’t want to get pregnant. He denied and told me to wash my self and get ready for him and stop wasting time. I told him i won’t do it until i see a condom. He told me, nitafanya hii kitu na nikurudishe cell. I don’t want to go back to cell again. So i gave him what he wanted and he left me there after he was done.

We had a very long sex since he took viagra tabs. I didn’t enjoy because he was old-school but that wasn’t even my worry. I wanted to go home and i had to do what i had.

This was in March this year. He called me last month and threatened to track me. He told me nilimpea virusi na sikumwambia. I told him to use the rubber and he wanted meat so i had to give him everything i had in my blood. Hadi kaswende.

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Right now i don’t use any SIM cards registered with my ID or bank accounts. I moved back to Mombasa and currently running my kasalon and also grocery store. Most women sleep with Police bosses to be freed just like men must pay for their freedom. This is my story and  everyone should be careful out here.




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