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HIV Activist Asunta Wagura Gives Birth To Twins At 60

Asunta has lived positively with HIV for over 34 years and with the new twins, now has seven HIV-negative children.



In what she describes as double blessings, renowned  HIV activist Asunta Wagura, 60, has given birth to twin girls.

Making the announcement, delighted Ms. Asunta gave a compelling tale of how her life has taken unusual turn at an advanced age.

“This year, my life’s narrative took a comedic turn worthy of an Oscar—yes, at the sprightly young age of nearly 60, I’ve become a mother to twin girls! It’s a plot twist I never saw coming, and one I can hardly believe myself!” She wrote.

“Some have been guessing, others doubting, but now it’s clear: miracles don’t always knock; sometimes, they burst through the door with a glorious, uproarious entrance,” I declare with a heart so full it could light up the night sky. To say I’m over the moon would be an understatement; I’m out of the solar system!” She said.


The activist talks about how this has changed her perspectives on life, “The birth of my twin girls has not only doubled my joy but has also led me into profound pondering about life’s infinite possibilities. “Just when I thought my script was set, life handed me a re-write filled with laughter, diapers, and two beautiful princesses,” I reflect joyously.”

To satisfy the curiosity of meny as to how it is possible to have twins at her age, she gives a long look, “I know what some of you might be thinking: “Twins? At your age?” Indeed, as I approach the grand age of 60, many might say this stage of life is better suited for quiet weekends and early bird specials, not midnight feedings and lullabies. But oh, how delightfully wrong they are!”

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“I never knew exactly what I was looking for until it arrived, swaddled in pink and crying out with vigorous, life-affirming wails. It has been a fulfillment, a revelation, a revolution of the soul! And in those quiet moments, cradling my daughters, I wonder at the majesty of life and the boundless capabilities of the Divine. “Who says you can’t set sail on new adventures just as you’re nearing that ‘sixth floor’ of life?” I chuckle, rocking my girls to sleep.” She added.

She used her blessing to encourage others who’re looking to having kids even past the transcribed age of menopause to hold on. “To everyone out there holding onto a dream, feeling it might be too late or too impossible, remember my tale. The God of Asunta, in His wisdom and mirth, does not abide by our earthly textbooks. May He meet you too at the point of your need, and may your dreams find their joyous twilight!”

Asunta journey with HIV


Asunta has lived positively with HIV for over 34 years and with the new twins, now has seven HIV-negative children.

Asunta’s journey as an HIV activist began in 1988 when she received her diagnosis, a time when such news was accompanied by stigma and despair. Despite facing rejection and adversity, Asunta persevered and co-founded KENWA (the Kenyan Network of Women with AIDS) to support fellow HIV patients.

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