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Kenya Media Council Hatches A Plot To Have Moha JichoPevu, Dennis Onsarigo Fired And Control What Journalists Post Online




Mohammed Ali, Jicho Pevu

The Media Council of Kenya has come out guns blazing to send stern warning to journalists with dissenting, rebellious voices, in a cautioning statement, the council addressed on a number of emerging issues touching on the media’s coverage of the campaigns as well as the conduct of journalists during the electioneering period ahead of the 2017 general election.

The Council advised media houses to let go of politicians in newsrooms; journalists and media practitioners that have declared affiliation to political parties/movements/groupings or indicated their intentions to vie for elective positions in 2017. The Code of Ethics for the Practice of Journalism in Kenya is very clear on this and related conflict of interest matters. This according to sleuths speaking to Kenya Insights, was stealthily slotted in from high powers following emergence of photos of KTN’ Mohammed Ali and Dennis Onsarigo having a meeting with CORD leader Raila Odinga at a private location in Mombasa. The Jicho Pevu pioneer is also on record vying for Nyali Parliamentary seat.

The photos that were widely circulated by Dennis Itumbi insinuated from his caption that the two journalists were in alliance with the opposition leader. Itumbi went further to attack Moha asking him to call off journalism and go wholely into politics if so was his intention. Ironically, Itumbi and Uhuru have both been pictured together with journalists, its also said Itumbi has intimate affair with Citizen’s Jackie Maribe, would that also be read as ethics compromise as in the case of the investigative duo?

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Charles Kerich, Chairman, Media Council of Kenya went further to advise media houses to develop and implement social media policies. To this end, the MCK will work closely with media houses that are yet to put in place such, to develop social media policies. The call for control over what journalists post online comes at a time when those deemed to be system’s critics as Moha, Onsarigo, James Smart and SADIQUE sHABAAN HAVE INCREASINGLY ABD STEADILY BEEN HITTING THE GOVERNMENT BELOW THE BELT AND GIVEN THEIR huge following and influence were told the establishment is not amused and worried hence need to regulate content.


Dennis Itumbi making out with Citizen tv’s Jacque Maribe


Maribe in a photo moment with the President

While journalists, like all other citizens, have rights to be active on social media and by extension enjoy freedom of expression, the body insists they should draw the line between personal opinion in private space and walls, and views that suggest that a journalist is biased. It is unrealistic for media practitioners to spew biased opinions on their social media pages, and expect not to be viewed as partisan by people who expect to be covered fairly.

The Council insists that journalists/media practitioners should avoid openly affiliating with political parties and must be perceived to be neutral. The MCK, which is mandated to accredit all media practitioners in Kenya, will withdraw the accreditation of journalists who want to work for political parties, and this withdrawal will mean that they are not authorised to work as media practitioners in the country.

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All parties in a political contest, in the lead up to the elections, deserve to be covered fairly by the media. There are claims the council alludes to particularly from some counties, that some politicians have influenced journalists to the extent that their competitors do not enjoy any fair coverage, and only make it to the media with negative stories. Media houses are advised to investigate these claims and take appropriate action. In the same vein, the Council wishes to request media houses to establish/ strengthen their public editors’ offices to help deal with such.

The Media Council of Kenya urges all media houses to be cognizant of the welfare of their reporters and correspondents, and to facilitate them adequately in their coverage of political events. The culture of brown envelop journalism, where news sources spend money to obtain favourable coverage, should be highly discouraged through firm action against those breaking the law.


Mohammed Ali pictured talking to the President


Mohammed Ali and Dennis Onsarigo pictured talking to Raila and Joho

Talking of media freedom and balancing interests, its ironical that Charles Kerich, who is Chairman, Media Council of Kenya giving the contradiction of interests lectures also doubles as the Chief Editor to the Star, a predominantly political publication, doesn’t his position put him in a compromising state. Beside and unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to disconnect the media from political interference while the same politicians are the owners of the media houses. In this case for example, you wouldn’t expect Charles Kerich to approve a hammering article on Kidero who is his boss and shareholder of the Star.

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The move to control what journalists post online is a challenge to the freedom of speech and whichever way and explanations to be used in justifying the regulation won’t rub off the fact that it’s a gagging order barring the journalists from freely expressing themselves without fear of losing their job. With the newsrooms severely regulated and items sieved, the only remaining free platform where journalists have been able to give unsieved news, becomes latest target as the final nail on the coffin.

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Google Report: How To Join Illuminati Tops



Google search bar Photo|Google

What have you been google searching?Google Kenya trends In the ‘How to’ category have released their  most trending searches.

How to-do category indicates the highest key problems faced by Kenyans.

Top trending How-to, search was,How to lose weight. The same question topped last annual search trends. Tackling obesity the increased awareness on healthier lifestyles.

How to cook Mandazi came second. First quarter of the year has couple of celebrations like, New year’s eve, Valentine’s Day, mother’s Day, Women’s day, World’s cancer day, labour day and many more.

Increased family and friends meet ups and reunions believed to be the reason behind this. With some indicators showing that increased price of maize flour was the reason behind the trendy search.

How to withdraw Money From Sportpesa was the third. Kenyan gambling market erupted to hire scales. The get rich quick society has found refuge in the Kenya’s popular betting site.

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The key search that has recurred was How to join the illuminati. Are Kenyans willing to sell their souls? Has the religion failed in mentoring the society?

Lastly How to get pregnant. Yet another recurring search on the Kenya’s search trends. This indicates higher the struggles Kenyans may have with fertility

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Cytonn Opens Doors To The Public As They Unveil The Ridge Show House



The Ridge.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, CytonnInvestments is holding an open day on Saturday for clients and members of the public on site at The Ridge.

The show house for the project will be unveiled, giving guests a preview of what the finished product will be like. Visitors get to sample the distinct and magnificent lifestyle development and ask the management questions on any issues about Cytonn’s activities.

The event will run from 12 noon to 4 pm, so that clients have enough time to explore the site, view the show house, and interact with the management of Cytonn.

The Ridge.

Alongside the open day, the company is offering a 5% discount for early buyers, which will run for a limited time. Interested guests are advised to sign up and reserve their slots before spaces run out.

This project was made for people who want to live in luxury and style, at surprisingly affordable rates. The list of amenities goes on and on, but I think the best part about it is the location. Imagine living just a few minutes from Windsor Golf Club, Two Rivers Mall, UNEP headquarters, and only 10 km from town!

The luxury project will have 1,2,3 & 3 bedroom apartments withdomestic servants’ quarters (DSQ).

Just a few months ago, Cytonn handed over the Amara in Karen, another of its projects, which is currently 100% complete and sold, proving they have what it takes to deliver beautiful, exclusive homes that perceptive Kenyans can enjoy.

If you want to buy a home or to invest, this is your opportunity! You cannot afford to miss out. RSVP here.

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Why Jamii Telecom’s Faiba 4G Unlikely To End Safaricom’s Dominance But A Game Changer For Kenya



Joshua Chepkwony, Jamii Telkom M.D. during the Faiba 4G launch in Nairobi.

Safaricom remains the telecommunication giant in Kenya with a market share of 71.2 percent in Kenya according to 2016 second quarter statistics report by the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) this translates to about 28M active subscribers. This leaves other players like Airtel, Telkom Kenya, and Equitel with mere 28.8 percent share scramble.

Jamii Telecoms Ltd is the latest entry into the Mobile Operator market making it the 5th entrant. With a 4G market launch, Faiba has caused serious ripples with many analysts saying it could be the game changer to Safaricom’s dominance that has been in play for more than a decade. However, it is easier said than done, we’ve seen several companies come and go citing unfair market environment attributed to the Saf’s dominance.

Faiba 4G is however not a usual launch, in a country with estimated 86% internet penetration with about 41M Kenyans accessing the internet and majority through their smartphones, Jamii Telecoms saw a perfect opportunity. Famed for the Faiba broadband home and businesses high-speed internet connectivity, they already have a ground with over 120K subscribers to kick them off.

During the launch of Faiba 4G

The Communication Authority of Kenya awarded Jamii the prestigious 4G spectrum amidst complaints, especially from Safaricom that it was unprocedural and that the company didn’t pay the required Sh2.5B for the 4G license. So far only Safaricom and Telkom Kenya have acquired the 800MHz spectrum, Airtel still at 3.75G. Despite the complaints of favoritism, Faiba 4G is officially live with mind-boggling data price tags.

A look at JTL’s pricing signals competitive times ahead: 1GB data bundles will cost Sh50 (valid for one day), 70GB at Sh3,000 (valid for a month) and 210 GB at Sh6,000 for a month as well.

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Safaricom on the other hand offers 150MB for Sh50 (valid for a day), 1GB for Sh500 (valid for a month) and 12GB at Sh3,000 (valid for a month).

Airtel’s 1GB 24-hour data bundle costs subscribers Sh99, 6GB costs Sh1,000 (valid for a month) and 24GB goes for Sh3,000 (valid for a month).

Safaricom which offers highest internet speed compared to its competitors yet have highest data prices in the market is viewed as the main target as Faiba seeks to take a huge chunk of the share. Faiba 4G operates on band 28, 700MHz frequency spectrum, this is both great news and bad. First, it’s great since it will give consumers miraculous internet speeds, from tests, we’ve learned the Faiba 4G speeds goes up to 72Mbps, it also has higher penetration capabilities like into buildings as compared to the 800MHz spectrum now used by Safaricom and Telkom.

Secondly, Faiba 4G is limiting in so many ways; device selectivity, only those with 4G enabled phones with VoLTE features will be able to access their internet or their own Faiba mobile. Most Kenyans own budget smartphones that aren’t necessarily 4G VoLTE enabled thereby limiting the number of people able to use their services.

VoLTE stands for voice over LTE and it’s more or less exactly what it says on the tin. It’s voice calls over a 4G LTE network, rather than the 2G or 3G connections which are usually used. The big advantage of VoLTE is that call quality is superior to 3G or 2G connections as far more data can be transferred over 4G than 2G or 3G.

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Faiba 4G promises lifetime on-net calls as long as you have an active data bundle, while this sounds appetizing, it is also limiting that such calls can only happen if both have VoLTE enabled phones and within 4G area, when network signal weakens, the call quality is reduced or disconnects.

Faiba 4G’s mi-fi

So far, there’s no provider that beats Faiba 4G’s data bundles but the biggest headache that will stall their immediate boom is the device selectivity and also network reachability. Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Mombasa, and Thika are covered by the Faiba 4G with 300 bases and a plan to extend the bases to 1000 in the next 3 years.

Disrupting Safaricom’s dominance is not a walk in the sand and needs more than a flashy launch with heavenly offers. Reliability, reachability, innovations are some of Safaricom’s confidence zones that have seen them stand firm in the market. Mpesa remains one of re greatest innovations by Safaricom that has made it East Africa’s giant. Kenya, for instance, is synonymous with mobile transactions, the economy is literally running on Mpesa with billions moved across the platform annually.

Mpesa actually could as well be Safaricom’s biggest asset that keeps it afloat. We’ve seen Airtel money even with zero rate transactions, unable to beat of Mpesa, not for anything but reliability, agents are spread all over the country and it’s not a hustle to access your money compared to other providers. Therefore, if Faiba 4G is to hack this, then they must not play the same cards by competitors that have failed but come up with new innovations and strategies to level Mpesa dominance. Faiba Money is set for launch as well. Accessibility of Safaricom network even in the most of remote areas also makes it stand out and a major preference, if Jamii can invest heavily to match up the reach then they’re in the right lane to beat it off.

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According to the management, all is not lost for Faiba 4G as they’re likely to change bands from 700MHz depending on the availability of frequencies, this will obviously increase their reach and capture more customers angry for affordable data services. We’re also told they have solid strategies that will spread over the next coming years to totally disrupt and maul a good share of the market. As it stands, it’s a wait and sees situation.

Coming months, Kenyans are likely to witness a brutalizing corporate war as Faiba, Safaricom, Telkom fight for customers loyalty and the data market share. As the giants engage in the brawl, consumers can sit back and expect affordable, quality data services, a competitive market is often a blessing to the consumers. Safaricom is unlikely to let go easily what they have and so is Telkom, Airtel and Equitel both who’re struggling to rise. Faiba 4G as the new entrant has to go an extra mile to make an impact in the market but until then the market is open but literally a one man’s show.

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