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Labour Court And Why Sossion Is A Permanent SG Of KNUT



In Kenya, some people pray to get justice, i don’t know if it works, while others buy their own Justice and control our Judiciary like it’s not an Arm of Kenya’s government.

Labour court has been reinstating Wilson Sossion as the SG of KNUT everytime the Unionists converge to face him out. Because, y’all know he’s not retiring anytime soon and doesn’t look like he will either.

Earlier today, the Labour and Relations Court ruled in favour of embattled Secretary General Wilson Sossion. The court ordered that he will remain in the office till his case is determined by the same labour court!

What is this that has made Sosion stick at KnUT like a tic? What is this that the ODM nominated MP is sucking from the Teachers Union? Why is labour court favouring him if he’s not working to improve the Union and the teachers? Who are these that have rather did install him at KNUT and don’t want to see him out?


Sossion had been kicked out of office by a faction led by his deputy Hesbon Otieno, which he challenged in court. And sarcastically he has been reinstated.

The Employment and Labour Relations Court Justice Hellen Wasilwa in today’s ruling stated that the Knut National Executive Council (NEC) meeting in which Sossion was ousted defied a court order stopping his removal.

Justice Wasilwa, in her orders issued on September 2, had reinstated Mr Sossion as the union’s boss until the case he filed is determined.

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Activities at the union have been paralysed as leaders fight over positions with staff going for three months without salaries.

On Monday, Mr Sossion claimed the trouble in Knut is as a result of an “external savage attack” on the union’s solidarity.


“For them Knut must be a yes union with no bargaining power. Strike the shepherd and scatter the sheep then feast on them one by one,” Mr Sossion said.

Sossion is not out of the woods yet as he faces another court case. One wonders why is he forcing himself in the Union? How do you protect or fight for the people that are fighting you!

Employment and Labour Relations Court judge will on Friday rule whether Sossion can hold both the positions of a member of Parliament and that of secretary-general in a union.

Justice Maureen Onyango will give the determination in the case filed by seven teachers.

Sossion has made KNUT his retirement shelter just like his mouthy grandpa folk Atwoli has at COTU. Workers are being paid peanuts and Kenyans being enslaved and overworked like donkeys, while they busy jetting abroad to buy new designer clothes and gold chains like they are Trap rappers.


Why suffer and pay to join a Union that at the end of the day is just making one man filthy rich as the entire family of Kenyan workers remain stinging poor?

By the way, Atwoli has sucked workers his stomach is about to burst. He can barely walk. The stomach is twice the weight his legs can carry. Na bado utasikia ikisema yeeees… Yeess to what?

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Sossion on the other side is not adding weight nor flesh. The man with over 6 payslips yet nothing is, well he might be eating on the ground, showing. Just wondering, what’s that one thing that Sossion can say he has done for the teachers at KNUT where he has permanently installed himself?

Ama ni kukaza serikali then he get sorted aside then come and start yapping”solidarity forever” to bluff other teachers. He’s a very bad example of Teachers and the teaching system in this country.

Teachers are suffering throughout Kenya and Unionists have gone for 3 months without pay while Sossion remains dictating learned folks. Courts are also a disgrace to entire existence of humanity. Why keep recycling orders to keep these aged out dangling confused Union leaders?





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