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Kimani Ngunjiri: The man who assaulted a law-enforcement officer and bit Simba Arati’s Thumb wants Luos



We have been pitted against each other using hollow narratives and on the basis of tribe, political affiliation or social status by the 1% that continues to deprive us of a livelihood that we deserve.

It is time Politicians realized that Kenya belongs to all of us. Fear mongering between Luos and Kikuyus has always been prompted when elite Kikuyus or Luos want to reap big using their community’s name. When will Kenyans wake up?

Consider Kimani Ngunjiri the Bahati Idiot who is spewing hatred against Luos. This is why I have always told Kenyans that we have two tribes in Kenya- The poor and the rich. It is time Poor Kenyans refused to be used by nincompoops whose aim is to score political points at the expense of peace Kenyans enjoy.

Kenyans are losers because they elect people with a dark past like Ngunjiri Kimani. This Chap was recently accused of assaulting a law-enforcement officer with impunity. His gun license was later to be withdrawn after the confrontation with the lady.

What is more interesting is that the Same Mp was behind the Parliament battle where he shamelessly bit Simba Arati’s thumb. The people who voted for him are losers because the Mp has also been accused of being Uhuru’s attack dog as his constituents suffer. Sometimes you wonder whether he was voted by his people to be Uhuru’s Attack dog or deliver to his people.

All the cases mentioned above show that this is a goon masquerading as a leader. The NCIC that is headed by political rejects like Francis Ole Kaparo is toothless. Just like EACC, The nincompoops and political losers at NCIC take orders from the state house.

Kimani Ngunjiri addressing a crowd

Photo: Mp Kimani Ngunjiri who is now wanted by the police for hate statements against Luos. The Mp was once involved in a confrontation where he assaulted a lady officer leading to his gun license withdrawal

All these Kikuyu leaders creating enmity between the Kikuyu community and Luo Community or other Kenyan communities must know that Kenyans are tired. They fear monger then loot and blame Raila. Look at the coffee sector where Old Kikuyu men plundered the industry and blamed Moi yet we all know Moi was not responsible for the collapse of the Coffee sector. The task force that was formed to come up with solutions to the ailing industry was just an avenue to loot from poor Kenyans coffers.

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The enemies of the Kikuyus are fellow Kikuyus’ using Raila’s name to fear monger then Loot. Kikuyus are now the most shortchanged as they worship their tribal King Uhuru Kenyatta, who has refused to condemn the Nakuru Violence of Mungiki protests that happened in town a few days ago.

The Kenyan media has also lost it. The media should stand up with the people and preach peace after justice, but we all know that is impossible because they are busy hosting socialites as if being a socialite is an achievement. Media should also blackout petty political confrontations that may promote enmity amongst Kenyans.

We now demand that Kimani Ngunjiri be Arrested, Arraigned in court and jailed if possible. It is time revolutionary Kenyans championed for harsher laws that will deal with hatemongers like Aladwa and Kuria that was recently exposed as a hustler who goes to William Ruto begging for money instead of asking for the handouts from his master- Uhuru Kenyatta. But the Kenyatta’s won’t let any Kikuyu leader prosper, once you start having some voice and economic power, they dehorn you.

We urge President Kenyatta not to intervene as Kimani Ngunjiri faces the law even if he was speaking on his behalf. He should let his brainless barking dog face the music alone.

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