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9 surprising Eid traditions you’ve probably never heard of



Eid al-Fitr is a day of feasting, charity, and prayer as Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadhan fasting and the return a more normal daily crap uptake.

From carefully choreographed mix of various practices and specific such as what to eat for breakfast and even how to walk to prayer. Here’s 9 Eid traditions you might not have known before or you might be doing them but you have never realized it.

Fasting is prohibited

No fasting plate

For Eid al-Fitr, fasting is strictly prohibited. To ensure that the fast in broken in earnest, a small, usually sweet breakfast is eaten at the beginning of the holiday after the obligatory pre-sunrise prayer.

Deep clean, clad in “Sunday best”, but again no show-offs


The holy day requires a deep clean! Before the obligatory breakfast, observant Muslims pray the important Salaat ul-Eid (special Eid prayers), they must clean their teeth, shower, and put on their best clothes and perfume. The importance here is not to show off to other humans, but rather to be as prepared as possible to pray before God.

Prayer without call


Those who lie near a Mosque might be familiar with the “Adhan” or “Mwandhini” (call to prayer) that is sounded five times a day. Strangely, on Eid al-Fitr, you will hear no Adhan before the outdoor holiday prayer begins.

This prayer without a call happens only twice a year – once on Eid al-Fitr and once on Eid al-Adha (the second holiest holiday in Islam).

Mandatory Outdoor Prayers


Regular Islam prayers are usually done in the home or mosques, but the Eid prayer differ greatly in that they must be performed outdoor in a wide, open area. I am not sure of the reason to this.

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So, on Eid, expect to see large gatherings of Muslims in parks and squares to meet this mandatory condition.

To and from Eid prayer on foot and no repeating routes


Interestingly enough, it appears that there are even rules on one makes their way to Eid prayer. During this day, It is mandatory to go to and from Eid prayer on foot (I am not sure if I have seen the absolute part of this), and it is even recommended that believers take a different route home so as to abstain from retracing their steps on the return trip!

No speaking during Prayer & Sermon


The Eid prayer has two parts: the actual prayer and then a sermon by a Sheikh immediately afterwards. It is customary (and obligatory!) that no one speaks during this period. Only Islamic greetings and phrases may be uttered during this sacred time, with talking only being permissible once Muslims have vacated the prayer area. Maybe this is the time when I should go see my Muslim brothers and Sisters get a chance to shut up!

Charity and philanthropy


One of the most crucial parts of Eid is giving charity, and time is set aside to gather donations for the needy. In some countries like Saudi Arabia, Muslims might anonymously leave food or money with members of their community who are known to be less-fortunate. These, and other such traditions have become integral parts of the Eid celebrations.

Forgive, Forget & start on a clean slate


Eid is a time of spiritual rejuvenation, and that carries over to the earthly lives as well.

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One is encouraged to forgive trespasses, and let go of grudges that have built up over the past year. Additionally, begin anew with new faces – it is common for even complete strangers to greet one another, wishing them a blessed Eid.

Time to munch Sweets


After the prayer, Muslims visit relatives to feast and exchange gifts with children. During this period sweets are customary. It’s a joyous time for anyone with a sweet tooth!

I believe you had a fabulous Eid. Now back to normal life.


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