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Deputy President William Ruto Is A Man Fighting For His Life




A state of oblivion has reigned in the past days given the strange disappearance of omnipresent DP from the public eye. Ruto, the versatile politician, is not known to go off the public radar making speculations fill the air. The absence has sparked even death rumors.

Perhaps the most story hitting the mill speculates that the Deputy President is in Turkey for specialized treatment. While there’s no clear indication to ascertain This, it can easily be bought given a past incident where it was rumored that he was ill and his team denied. He would later resurface for a function with the President in the North Eastern town. A video emerged showing a weakly walking DP to affirm the sickness rumors.

Being human it is not unusual for him to get sick. If its true that he’s getting treatment abroad it then should be another awakening call to the country. The ruling class won’t prioritize public healthcare as long as they have high medical cover and use taxpayers money to fly out for specialized treatment. Kenya hospitals have remained without doctors for now over 70 days and still counting. The elite are unbothered as they can afford foreign treatment leaving the poor at God’s mercy.

Ruto might also be reading from the laws of power that in absence one gains power and honor. His social media pages have gone blind as well. He’s totally out of radar. Curiously, Ruto’s disappearance came at a time when President Uhuru held a meeting with Moi in what many read as a political brokerage in Rift Valley politics. Could it be that Ruto is staging a cold rebellion on sensing monkey business between the Moi and Uhuru family?

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The larger belief that Uhuru reached out to Moi to convince Gideon to remain within jubilee and not join NASA in which his re-election chances would me minimized. Uhuru’s visit came weeks after his mother Ngina Kenyatta flew to meet Moi in what is believed to be for the same purpose of having Gideon to support Uhuru’s second presidential bid.

President Uhuru and Moi in a strategic meeting.

There has been political supremacy battle in the Rift Valley between DP Ruto and Gideon Moi. It is not a secret that Moi and Ruto are not the best of political friends. Already speculations in the political corridors of power are rife that Kenyattas have brokered a deal with Mois that Gideon supports Uhuru for re-election then he will pass the mantle to him in the 2022 elections. In this case, the die is cast for Ruto who is also looking into being the President taking over from Uhuru Unity in 2022.

Ruto is fighting for relevance as it stands. Projections indicate that Rift Valley will not support Jubilee with the same magnitude as they did with Ruto as soul kingpin in the 2013 election. A Recent study was also showing a relative decline in Ruto’s influence in the Rift Valley. The stamp of KANU politics in the region poses a serious political threat as witnessed in the Kericho senatorial election in which Jubilee won with a micro chance against KANU. Double that with rebellion from Governor Rutto with his Mashinani party and that’s double trouble.

Ruto is a man fighting for his life in the political field. He has Rift Valley and the Kalenjin nation as his leverage, and as it stands, The opportunities are getting slimmer. Gideon is having bigger dreams and Moi being who he has been must be working extra hard to have his son inherit power. Moi made Unity and naturally entitled to return the favor by passing the power mantle to Gideon. The biggest headache being how to kill Ruto politically. With a heap of corruption allegations on his head, I think the hustle is cut for the Moi and Kenyatta. Perfect timing to hammer Ruto with the scandals, drug him through the mud to extinction. It’s unfortunate that Kenya being ruled and decisions made over mursik.

Gideon Moi seeing off President Uhuru after indoor meeting between the two and Moi. A deal sealed?

The Deputy President William Ruto is probably silence scheming on how to fight Moi factor. As one noted, Uhuru and Moi are a family while Uhuru and Ruto are just friends. Someone somehow will be betrayed at one point. It’s nothing serious just business. With Gideon gaining relevance in the Rift Valley politics by the day, it’s obvious the Deputy President is fighting for his life. Without a strong strategy, the hustler could be staring at an inevitable political death.

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All in all, Kenyans deserve to know the truth and whereabouts of the Deputy President being a person of public interest. If he’s unwell, it’s only right for the public to be notified. A simple communication would put to rest the unending speculations

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