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What MUST Be Done Or Boycott 17th October Election



A police officer looks over voters during the 8/8 elections

Date set for Fresh Presidential Elections,17th October is still on weighing balance but polls must be within 60days as stipulated in the Constitution. No need to hurry for a second shambolic electoral process without reforms in all aspects in the Commission.

Realignment in the Electoral Commission.

Before planning or putting anything in place,IEBC should wait for Full Judgement from Supreme Court of Kenya which was to be provided after 21days from judgement day. Everything so far IEBC has set in place should be just back up but 90% should be as per the Court Order. Some will be impossible to accomplish within their stipulated time and would need some quite time which failure to comply to them will be contempt. The Independence of the Commission is Coarse and they must accept to fact,they are on public watch and their acts must be in line with public interest as they are on Second redemption

Provided Chairman Wafula Chebukati appointed 6-Project team to oversee the Fresh Elections is not a big deal when still the old crooked Chiloba’s team are still in office though not active. They will still have greater influence through backdoor. The following moles once out,might water down threats to boycott the polls: CEO Ezra Chiloba,Directors Immanuel Kassait,Commissioner in charge of ICT Prof.Abdi Yakub Guliye,Head of Legal Affairs Praxidis Tororey,Ms Betty Nyabuto and Director of IT John Muhati.

Involve All Stakeholders in Every Undertakings

The Electoral commission thought their new appointees would be appreciated as smart move since it excluded CEO Chiloba,unfortunately it didn’t but instead sparked fresh integrity issues and discrimination from stakeholders. The appointees were no much better from victims of Electoral fraud circus.

1. Marjan Hussein Marjan (Appointed as Project Coordinator) who is the Deputy CEO.Works under instructions from CEO Chiloba who is much affiliated Jubilee Party

2. Dr. Sydney Namulungu (Appointed as Head of Operations) who Served at the IEBC Headquarter as the Training Manager under the Directorate of Voter Registration and Election Operations. As the Training Manager, he worked under Immaculate Kassait. In 2013 he was Team Leader for Jubilee in Central Kenya thereafter the 2013 General Elections, he was moved to Kakamega as the Regional Election Coordinator. In the 2017 General Elections, he worked as the County Returning Officer for Kakamega.

3. Nancy Kariuki (Appointed as Head of Logistics) who Served as the Manager for Voter Registration under the Directorate of Voter Registration and Elections Operations headed by Immaculate Kassait. After the 2013 General Elections, she was moved to Central Region as the Regional Coordinator. In the 2017 General Elections, she was appointed as the County Returning Officer for Mombasa and came to limelight when attempted to frustrate by delaying to present him his Certificate. There were multiple Electoral fraud involved which she tolerated for the benefit of Jubilee Party in the region.

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4. Albert Gogo (Appointed as Head of ICT) who has worked as a Constituency Elections Coordinator and Returning Officer in Mombasa whose supervision are under Immaculate Kassait.

5. Bernard Miseti Moseti (Appointed as Head of Training) who is alleged to be Ben Miseti who acted as the Returning Officer for Bungoma still under supervision of Immaculate Kassait.

6. Silas Rotich (Appointed as Head of National Tally Center). The only among the 6 who Jubilee has not rejected which leaves endless question marks over the endorsement. Silas Rotich worked as County Returning Officer for Nakuru County. Previously, Rotich works as a Constituency Elections Coordinator under the Directorate of Voter Registration and Elections Operations.

IEBC CEO Chiloba Must Respond To Chairman Chebukati On Queries Raised In The Memo

1. First, you issued a Memo to the Commission’s staff dated 1st September, 2017 referenced IEBC/CEO/1/1/09/2017; In the said Memo, you appear to contradict the position adopted by the commission and communicated by the Chairperson on behalf of the Commission via a Press Statement on the 1st of September 2017. Further the Memo also fails to appreciate the grave indictment by the Supreme Court in the above subject petition, with regard to the manner in which the commission conducted the impugned presidential elections. Respond and Explain the basis for your contradiction.

2. The Commission contracted Messer Al Ghurair, to print the Country’s ballot papers and various statutory forms to be used in the Presidential elections; under defined contractual terms and obligations. Respond and Explain what happened to the printed forms that were meant to have various approved security features and names of candidates printed in accordance with the ballot proofs and as verified by the due diligence terms the Commission sent to Dubai.

3. The Commission had contracted Messer MFI to avail printing and scanning machines across the Country, for use in the 8th August 2017 polls. Respond and explain on whether these machines were supplied – fit for purpose – as contracted, and where they were availed and failed to work, explain the failure.

4. The Commission spent about KES 848 Million to purchase satellite phones; the phones were to be distributed to each constituency and county tallying centers. Additionally areas with no network were specifically supplied with these devices, however none of these ever worked. Respond and Explain what occasioned the massive failure in the devices that would have been used in transmitting the results.

5. Mr Paul Mugo and Mr Boniface Wamae – under instruction from the Director, ICT Mr James Muhati, availed a Memo dated 31st August 2017, to the Chairman’s office through your office; which Memo confirmed the creation of a username account and a password in the name of the Chairperson of IEBC – without my knowledge or consent, and subsequently this account was used to undertake over 9,934 transactions. I direct that you take immediate action against these officers and report back by close of business [CoB] today.

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6. Respond and explain what went wrong with KIEMS results transmission, where over 10,366 out of 40,883 polling stations sent text results without the accompanying Forms 34A. Noting that these polling stations had 4,636,556 voters registered therein. The failure is contrary to the plenary decision directing that where a presiding officer was unable to transmit the results [text and forms] from their polling station, they were required to move to the constituency tallying center or use the satellite devices where the same was available.

7. Respond and avail an explanation as to why 595 polling stations failed and/or otherwise refused to send any results for the presidential election.

8. Respond and explain why the Commission adopted and used a porous file server system to transmit Forms 34B;in the stead of creating and using a secure IP address; which made it easy for individuals to manage accounts on each other’s behalf – a clear security risk. Further respond and explain why the Commission used the subject server for day to day operations prior to the elections; and also; why the staff in the ICT directorate used passwords different from their IEBC passwords.

9. Some of the KIEMS Kits were assigned Orange and Airtel as their service providers whereas these two [2] operators did not have coverage in those assigned areas; worse still, Safaricom [a contracted operator] had the required coverage for these areas but were not considered. Respond and Explain why mapping out was not undertaken and these issues addressed and/or otherwise mitigated.

Armed officers stay on standby moments before the final results were announced.

10. Additionally respond and explain why the Commission experienced non-validation of individuals/voters after the KIEMS identification, essentially obfuscating the logs on voters cleared per polling station to vote. Respond on how many voters were subsequently allowed to vote by manual identification and why;

11. Further respond and explain why 682 polling stations had an equal number of rejected vis-à-vis the number of registered voters in those polling stations.

12. Lastly, respond and explain why KIEMS GPRS and Geo-fencing features were switched off from the 5th August, 2017.

After this leaked Memo,Vice Chairperson Consolata Nkatha Maina with his team of 4 Commissioners who have split up as antagonists to Chebukati’s leadership came to disown his actions in defense to CEO Ezra Chiloba.This team led by the Vice Chairperson recently walked away from Chebukati’s meeting who was pressurising them to resign.Neither Chebukati has responded to whether this memo was a propaganda nor Chiloba hence it’s treated as authentic and the recipient must provide answers.

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Doing Away With Brown Envelope Journos in Mainstream Media Houses

Mainstream media must establish Parallel Tallying Centre which must function not for Cinderela.Reporters must be deployed in all 290 Tallying Centres countrywide which they get raw manual data to operate their Parallel Tallying Centre.Must restrain from Githeriman like attention while fraud becomes more virulent.

NIS have become Journalists and Journalists have become NIS  to spread lies and fake news to frustrate and witch hunt People’s watchmen.Recently KTN news had reported list of Social media accounts being investigated for hate speech mongering,ironically all the four bigwigs;David Ndii,Disembe Dikembe,Cyprian Nyakundi and Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino were not included in the authenticated list from NCIC.David Ndii who was accused don’t even operate in facebook as alleged to have made 5 hate speech posts.It was NIS in the newsroom who made the list to frustrate and send them a warning.

Full Audit Of Servers

If it were financialy possible,it would be better if Fresh new Servers are purchased but it’s only a wish that beggars would ride on.Quoting myself,”IEBC would rather loose the case in the Supreme Court but fail to open servers for scrutiny to cover up the massive electoral fraud”.It happened exactly the way i had predicted,they lost the case but we shouldn’t loose in pushing for cleaning up of the Servers.

SAFRAN the Service providers Contract must be invalidated and contract agreement be awarded to different firm.

National Integrity and Integration Commission(NCIC) Must Stop Being Partisan

When Post Election Violence erupted after Presidential results declaration which favoured Uhuru Kenyatta,over 100 death were reported in Opposition Strongholds but NCIC through its Old Engine Chairman Ole Kaparo in a presser admitted he had not recieved any report over death case up to date.Worsening is a case of 6months old baby Pendo who went into a coma and later died because police brutality,9 year old Moraa,a school girl who was too shot while playing in the balcony during this period were just here says to NCIC.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria who inherited the throne from President Uhuru Kenyatta has become the ‘Untouchable Hate speech Monger’.He promised to manhunt over 70,000 people who voted for Opposition Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga,he told his followers to be ready to shed blood as they won’t allow loss in Presidential Elections.If no action is taken and this sentiments are again taken as here say by the Commission then let’s be ready for this country will burn to ashes.

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Violet Kemunto: The Changing Face Of Terror And Why Now Al Shabaab Targets The Young And Educated Men And Women For Recruitment In Kenya



Violet Kemunto

How does a country deal with Al-Shabaab returnees, home grown terrorism and an increasing attractiveness of young people who don’t come from disadvantaged backgrounds to extremism? These are the challenges Tuesday’s attack at dusitD2 hotel complex has presented Kenya’s security apparatus.The revelation that those who executed the attack and part of the planning are locals has sent shock waves across the country on why a bunch of Kenyans would plan the slaughter of their fellow countrymen on orders from across the border.An affidavit filed in court by the Anti-Terror Police Unit seeking detention of five people showed that Ali Salim Gichunge and Violet Kemunto, believed to have played a key role in planning the attack, were being faclilitated from Somalia.

“A quick perusal of their phone numbers shows they were in constant communication with several contacts in Somalia,” said the affidavit filed by Inspector Monica Githaiga.Although local terror cells have been used on several occasions to carry out attacks, Tuesday’s was the first of such a grand scale to be planned and executed by Kenyans. This shows a change in strategy by Al-Shabaab which has previously sent Somali nationals from their ranks to carry out a big hit.

The Westgate and Garrisa University attacks, which stand out as being on almost a similar scale in terms of strategy and execution, were led by fighters who had crossed the border from Somalia. Additionally, the two biggest names associated with the attack, Gichunge and Kemunto, have broken the stereotypic view and the long standing association of ethnic Somalis to terrorism by Kenyans. While distancing themselves from terrorists, residents of Eastleigh who closed their shops for an hour on Friday to honour those who died at dusitD2, said Somalis and Muslims are peaceful and do not advocate such killings.“The community is here to say no to terrorism, no to extremism and no to violence.

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Al-Shabaab do not enjoy any support from this community. They do not represent or talk on our behalf,” said Kamkunji MP Yusuf Hassan.“We are not Al Shabaab, neither do they speak for us. We do not agree with their ideology of killing innocent people. Eastleigh is not a hub for terrorists. We will find them and flush them out,” vowed Yusuf.

Backfiring moves

When Kenya deployed its forces into Somalia and offered to train some of the distressed country’s soldiers, it had no idea that the move would set it on a collision course with an enemy it had set out to annihilate. As the Somali soldiers were getting their training at Archer’s Post, some 70 kilometres from Isiolo Town and at Manyani in Taita Taveta, another training of sorts was going on. Young Kenyan men and women were being lured by the same enemy the government was trying to keep off.

And this time, it was different. The enemy switched it up a bit and went to the very core of society, convincing and recruiting from the very heart of the communities. One of these men and women was Gichunge, whose face his family says, had been away from them for years, only to resurface on CCTV footage as one of the attackers in the bloody Riverside attack that led to the death of dozens.At the time, Isiolo was one of Al-Shabaab’s fertile recruiting grounds.

Hundreds of youth, according to intelligence sources, had been recruited from here. Those recruited include high school students. Some youth, including university students, had also been reported to have disappeared. And this was not the only change in strategy. Although the psychology of the recruit remained the same, their sociology too changed. From recruiting the downtrodden and poorly educated, recruiters trained their eyes on well-educated children from well off families.

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The situation is similar in Marsabit, where the now famous ‘Mount Marsabit Warriors’ were lured into Somalia by a teacher who graduated from Garissa University. To date, the whereabouts of the five boys and three girls as well as their female teacher remain unknown. Isiolo County Directorate of Criminal Investigation Raphael Wawire said Gichunge hails from Isiolo, and is one of the many youths lured away by Al-Shabaab.

Former Isiolo County Commissioner George Natembeya, who is now in the same capacity in Narok, had in 2016 said that scores of youth had been recruited into the terror group, but some had come back.Yussuf Dogo of Friends of Nomads International (Foni), an NGO that works in northern Kenya counties, said Al-Shabaab had devised “known ways” (recruiting non-Somalis and Coastal) to disguise its campaign to carry out terror attacks.

The reality that Al-Shabaab can now use Kenyans to carry out such large scale attacks and that terrorism can no longer be related to a certain community or lack of economic opportunities is what experts say is the changing face of terror. Kemunto, a journalism graduate from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST), has continued an emerging pattern of educated individuals who are increasingly joining terror groups.

A study, Violent extremism in Kenya: Why women are a priority, conducted by the Institute for Security Studies in Africa last year said that least 58 students have abandoned universities to join terrorist groups in Somalia, Libya and Syria in the last three years.One of the masterminds of the Garrissa University massacre in 2015, Abdirahim Mohamed, was studying to be a lawyer at the University of Nairobi. On February 2016, police arrestedHassanaen Ahmed, a University of Nairobi biochemistry student, as he was reportedly leaving the country to travel to Libya to join the Islamic State group.

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Later in May that year, Gloria Kavaya, a microbiology student at Kenyatta University, was also arrested after she disappeared from school, changed her name and embarked on what police said were plans to travel to Syria.“The stand out fact from this week’s attack is that the Al-Shabaab has proven that it is still around and it is able to recruit beyond the ethnic Somali base,” says James Ndung’u, a security expert.

Returnees dilemma

“What should worry security stake holders is how fast Al Shabaab can evolve to new challenges like opting to use locals when it can no longer send fighters across the border due to strong counter terrorism measures by the Kenyan government,” he observes.Ndung’u says one factor making it easy for the Al-Shabaab to recruit from within Kenya is the inability by government to effectively integrate returnees, which means most of them do not completely cut links with the terror group.

This view is also shared by the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) which says while the government has several programmes meant to support the returnees who wish to be reintegrated back to society, the reality is most of them fear getting arrested if they come out.“Returnee support for the programme has been limited by their fear and mistrust of the government and its security agencies. Returnees simply stay clear,” says ISS in a research paper published recently.

Article first appeared on Standard

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Ezekiel Mutua Suddenly Loves A Gay Man



If there’s one public officer who has been an excellent bothersome and a nuisance to creativity in Kenya then it’s the KFCB’s boss Ezekiel Mutua, a known self centered man with ego bigger than our Chinese debts, the film’s board CEO has killed morale of production in this country thanks to his fake moral standards.

I’ve lost count on the number of videos and films Mutua has banned in the name of maintaining moral levels. Just the other day, he banned Rafiki a lesbian love story, the film went ahead and won big international awards and is set for an Oscars nominations after Kenyan court uplifted the ban.

Mutua banned the film saying it was promoting homosexuality something he terms unacceptable in the Kenyan society. Christened moral police, Mutua has been a butt of jokes given most of bizarre statements that he makes, neither recently made international headlines when he accused tourists of teaching lions gay tendencies when a gay lion was discovered in Nairobi Park.

If we’re to dedicate this on the fallacious statements Mutua has made, we’d need a whole book. Mutua has been harsh critic of homosexuality and has been shouting on the top of his lungs against the topic that has had him ban a number of good films inline demoralizing and killing creativity in the film industry.

In the backdrop of all the homosexuals bashing, the attention courting executive surprised many when he came into the defense of JCC for hosting and allowing CNN’s Richard Quest to use the church’s pulpit. Quest is a publicly confessed gay with a partner he stays with both in New York and London where homosexuality is accomodated.

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Comments from Kenyans criticized the acceptance of Quest into the church saying it was a show of double standards and hypocrisy on the church since they’ve never given any local a such a chance despite the fact that there are many open gay men and women on Kenya. It is the white mans complex that’s being said to have given the visiting journalist an upper hand and even earned him support from unexpected corner and that’s from Mutua.

Below is what Ezekiel Mutua said on Quest’s church appearance;

So guys are on Rev. Kathy and Bishop Kiuna for letting CNN top journalist Richard Quest into their church today, after his confessed gay lifestyle? Honestly? In my view Quest’s visit to the Jubilee Christian Church today and his interview with Rev. Kathy Kiuna is one of the highlights of his visit, besides his coverage of the KQ inaugural flight to New York tonight and the Mpesa revolution.

If Quest’s main mission was to highlight life changing ventures and innovations in Kenya, then today he was in the right place. Rev. Kathy and Bishop Kiuna are the true exemplification of the Kenyan spirit of self-belief, resilience, hard work and faith. They have conquered many odds to be who they are today.

Like or hate them, the Kiunas have influenced millions. No one can deny the fact that the Kiunas have given hope to many youths. Theirs is the true story of audacity of hope. Such are the unique stories that need to be highlighted about Kenya. Quest may be gay, but he is a top notch journalist who can sense newsworthy stories with unique angles.

The Kenya Film Classification Board cleared him and provided gratis licenses for his entire crew because we trusted in his professional ability to highlight the real stories about Kenya and her people. His sexual orientation has nothing to do with his work. Let him be. Let the Kiunas be. Quest was not in church to sell gay ideology. He was there to cover a story of resilience and hope. He chose to highlight variant topics of hope and determination and that is a good thing.

Mutua strikes as a man of double speak and you can be so sure he wouldn’t have such a detailed justification we’re it that a gay Kenyan did the same. All said, there’s nothing wrong at all in having Quest at the church, that’s besides the point, all that’s needed is everyone to make a stand and accept everyone as they’re regardless of race, sexuality and all other dynamics. If you don’t conform, you make a solid stand and don’t move with the wind like a leaf in this case Mutua.

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Dear DPP Noordin Why Is Kenya Pipeline MD Joe Sang A Free Man With Looting Evidences



KPC MD Joe Sang addressing a press conference

Nobody can stop reggae when it comes to the new DJ in town, DPP Haji but it seems somebody can reduce the volume. We’ve seen parastatals chiefs arrested and arraigned in courts over corruption scandals and consequently bundled out of office.

Kenya Pipeline’s top management led by MD Ken Tarus whom were engaged in lightening embezzlement of public funds and abuse of office, were all arrested and sent home. It was the last large scale arrest that did not only restore hopes in the ODPP but gave a relief to the public who’re the victims of corporate exploitation.

Billions have been siphoned out of Kenya Pipeline and scams endlessly exposed. This site has been consistent together with other publications in highlighting the high scale siphoning and loofingbof public funds at the KPC offices.

KPC MD Joe Sang who’s a relative to the Energy CS and who’s appointment has been challenged with petitioners saying it wasn’t procedural and out of nepotism, is a man in focus not only over his overnight wealth acquisition but his network within the company that has now been losing billions to the cartels.

According to an intelligence report KPC MD Joe Sang-Nephew Hillary Langat 0722957996 is the lead money collector for KPC MD whose phone contacts can be traced to all KPC supplier who have been paid or awarded contracts.

He’s net worth is over a billion under KIMBELL INVESTMENTS Limited and LENKIM SERVICES LTD he hold the property on behalf of KPC MD JOE SANG

It doesn’t make any logical sense why the DPP is taking time and giving more time to KPC crooks to cook and evade their net. Sang continues to slay on tv screens denying corruption allegations in a standard style of all corrupt officials.

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According to our sources both at the DCI and at KPC, detectives had already raided the KPC offices and collected crucial evidences that would’ve been useful in preparing a case.

DCI Kinoti is on record saying the investigations are underway and one wonders why it hasn’t taken the speed of NYS thatbhad suspects rounded up in a short while. The thieves involved in the KPC theft that’s the top management are all known.

A serious lobbying has been going on behind the scenes as we gather from our sources to have the authorities go down on the investigations. Senior politicians both in Goverment and on retirement from Kalenjin, have been lobbying for the MD and tip management mostly the same community, to be spared and from the looks, the talks are paying off. Nothing is being heard of the investigations.

A number of DCI sources had intimated to Kenya Insights a few weeks ago on the completion of investigations and how all the files were ready and forwarded to the ODPP for arrests orders before cold water went over the case.

We’re now urging and reminding the DPP and DCI that we have our eyes on this case and other corruption scandals thriving in the public offices to be taken into full considerations. We want to assume that your competent offices haven’t been swallowed into petty political bargaining to let thieves go free.

It will be high class of double standards to implement the law selectively and go against your words that there are no sacred cows. We also would want EACC not to just watch from the fence but deeply scrutinize the wealth of KPC top bars. A lifestyle audit will unearth major scams in the company.

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Sear Noordin, we want to see the Sangs and mysterious lads in the KPC looting like David Muge aka MR.MD and every single person who’s stolen a cent at Kenya Pipeline, Arrested and arraigned in the courts. We don’t want to see criminal characters running key parastatals as KPC. We therefore demand for arrest and successful prosecution of MD Sang and his henchmen who must immediately be sacked. No sacred cow, you said Mr. Haji, over to you sir. We’re watching. The hashtag is #ArrestJoeSang

Kenya Insights allows guest blogging, if you want to be published on Kenya’s most authoritative and accurate blog, have an expose, news, story angles, human interest stories, drop us an email on [email protected] or via Telegram
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