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What MUST Be Done Or Boycott 17th October Election



A police officer looks over voters during the 8/8 elections

Date set for Fresh Presidential Elections,17th October is still on weighing balance but polls must be within 60days as stipulated in the Constitution. No need to hurry for a second shambolic electoral process without reforms in all aspects in the Commission.

Realignment in the Electoral Commission.

Before planning or putting anything in place,IEBC should wait for Full Judgement from Supreme Court of Kenya which was to be provided after 21days from judgement day. Everything so far IEBC has set in place should be just back up but 90% should be as per the Court Order. Some will be impossible to accomplish within their stipulated time and would need some quite time which failure to comply to them will be contempt. The Independence of the Commission is Coarse and they must accept to fact,they are on public watch and their acts must be in line with public interest as they are on Second redemption

Provided Chairman Wafula Chebukati appointed 6-Project team to oversee the Fresh Elections is not a big deal when still the old crooked Chiloba’s team are still in office though not active. They will still have greater influence through backdoor. The following moles once out,might water down threats to boycott the polls: CEO Ezra Chiloba,Directors Immanuel Kassait,Commissioner in charge of ICT Prof.Abdi Yakub Guliye,Head of Legal Affairs Praxidis Tororey,Ms Betty Nyabuto and Director of IT John Muhati.

Involve All Stakeholders in Every Undertakings

The Electoral commission thought their new appointees would be appreciated as smart move since it excluded CEO Chiloba,unfortunately it didn’t but instead sparked fresh integrity issues and discrimination from stakeholders. The appointees were no much better from victims of Electoral fraud circus.

1. Marjan Hussein Marjan (Appointed as Project Coordinator) who is the Deputy CEO.Works under instructions from CEO Chiloba who is much affiliated Jubilee Party

2. Dr. Sydney Namulungu (Appointed as Head of Operations) who Served at the IEBC Headquarter as the Training Manager under the Directorate of Voter Registration and Election Operations. As the Training Manager, he worked under Immaculate Kassait. In 2013 he was Team Leader for Jubilee in Central Kenya thereafter the 2013 General Elections, he was moved to Kakamega as the Regional Election Coordinator. In the 2017 General Elections, he worked as the County Returning Officer for Kakamega.

3. Nancy Kariuki (Appointed as Head of Logistics) who Served as the Manager for Voter Registration under the Directorate of Voter Registration and Elections Operations headed by Immaculate Kassait. After the 2013 General Elections, she was moved to Central Region as the Regional Coordinator. In the 2017 General Elections, she was appointed as the County Returning Officer for Mombasa and came to limelight when attempted to frustrate by delaying to present him his Certificate. There were multiple Electoral fraud involved which she tolerated for the benefit of Jubilee Party in the region.

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4. Albert Gogo (Appointed as Head of ICT) who has worked as a Constituency Elections Coordinator and Returning Officer in Mombasa whose supervision are under Immaculate Kassait.

5. Bernard Miseti Moseti (Appointed as Head of Training) who is alleged to be Ben Miseti who acted as the Returning Officer for Bungoma still under supervision of Immaculate Kassait.

6. Silas Rotich (Appointed as Head of National Tally Center). The only among the 6 who Jubilee has not rejected which leaves endless question marks over the endorsement. Silas Rotich worked as County Returning Officer for Nakuru County. Previously, Rotich works as a Constituency Elections Coordinator under the Directorate of Voter Registration and Elections Operations.

IEBC CEO Chiloba Must Respond To Chairman Chebukati On Queries Raised In The Memo

1. First, you issued a Memo to the Commission’s staff dated 1st September, 2017 referenced IEBC/CEO/1/1/09/2017; In the said Memo, you appear to contradict the position adopted by the commission and communicated by the Chairperson on behalf of the Commission via a Press Statement on the 1st of September 2017. Further the Memo also fails to appreciate the grave indictment by the Supreme Court in the above subject petition, with regard to the manner in which the commission conducted the impugned presidential elections. Respond and Explain the basis for your contradiction.

2. The Commission contracted Messer Al Ghurair, to print the Country’s ballot papers and various statutory forms to be used in the Presidential elections; under defined contractual terms and obligations. Respond and Explain what happened to the printed forms that were meant to have various approved security features and names of candidates printed in accordance with the ballot proofs and as verified by the due diligence terms the Commission sent to Dubai.

3. The Commission had contracted Messer MFI to avail printing and scanning machines across the Country, for use in the 8th August 2017 polls. Respond and explain on whether these machines were supplied – fit for purpose – as contracted, and where they were availed and failed to work, explain the failure.

4. The Commission spent about KES 848 Million to purchase satellite phones; the phones were to be distributed to each constituency and county tallying centers. Additionally areas with no network were specifically supplied with these devices, however none of these ever worked. Respond and Explain what occasioned the massive failure in the devices that would have been used in transmitting the results.

5. Mr Paul Mugo and Mr Boniface Wamae – under instruction from the Director, ICT Mr James Muhati, availed a Memo dated 31st August 2017, to the Chairman’s office through your office; which Memo confirmed the creation of a username account and a password in the name of the Chairperson of IEBC – without my knowledge or consent, and subsequently this account was used to undertake over 9,934 transactions. I direct that you take immediate action against these officers and report back by close of business [CoB] today.

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6. Respond and explain what went wrong with KIEMS results transmission, where over 10,366 out of 40,883 polling stations sent text results without the accompanying Forms 34A. Noting that these polling stations had 4,636,556 voters registered therein. The failure is contrary to the plenary decision directing that where a presiding officer was unable to transmit the results [text and forms] from their polling station, they were required to move to the constituency tallying center or use the satellite devices where the same was available.

7. Respond and avail an explanation as to why 595 polling stations failed and/or otherwise refused to send any results for the presidential election.

8. Respond and explain why the Commission adopted and used a porous file server system to transmit Forms 34B;in the stead of creating and using a secure IP address; which made it easy for individuals to manage accounts on each other’s behalf – a clear security risk. Further respond and explain why the Commission used the subject server for day to day operations prior to the elections; and also; why the staff in the ICT directorate used passwords different from their IEBC passwords.

9. Some of the KIEMS Kits were assigned Orange and Airtel as their service providers whereas these two [2] operators did not have coverage in those assigned areas; worse still, Safaricom [a contracted operator] had the required coverage for these areas but were not considered. Respond and Explain why mapping out was not undertaken and these issues addressed and/or otherwise mitigated.

Armed officers stay on standby moments before the final results were announced.

10. Additionally respond and explain why the Commission experienced non-validation of individuals/voters after the KIEMS identification, essentially obfuscating the logs on voters cleared per polling station to vote. Respond on how many voters were subsequently allowed to vote by manual identification and why;

11. Further respond and explain why 682 polling stations had an equal number of rejected vis-à-vis the number of registered voters in those polling stations.

12. Lastly, respond and explain why KIEMS GPRS and Geo-fencing features were switched off from the 5th August, 2017.

After this leaked Memo,Vice Chairperson Consolata Nkatha Maina with his team of 4 Commissioners who have split up as antagonists to Chebukati’s leadership came to disown his actions in defense to CEO Ezra Chiloba.This team led by the Vice Chairperson recently walked away from Chebukati’s meeting who was pressurising them to resign.Neither Chebukati has responded to whether this memo was a propaganda nor Chiloba hence it’s treated as authentic and the recipient must provide answers.

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Doing Away With Brown Envelope Journos in Mainstream Media Houses

Mainstream media must establish Parallel Tallying Centre which must function not for Cinderela.Reporters must be deployed in all 290 Tallying Centres countrywide which they get raw manual data to operate their Parallel Tallying Centre.Must restrain from Githeriman like attention while fraud becomes more virulent.

NIS have become Journalists and Journalists have become NIS  to spread lies and fake news to frustrate and witch hunt People’s watchmen.Recently KTN news had reported list of Social media accounts being investigated for hate speech mongering,ironically all the four bigwigs;David Ndii,Disembe Dikembe,Cyprian Nyakundi and Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino were not included in the authenticated list from NCIC.David Ndii who was accused don’t even operate in facebook as alleged to have made 5 hate speech posts.It was NIS in the newsroom who made the list to frustrate and send them a warning.

Full Audit Of Servers

If it were financialy possible,it would be better if Fresh new Servers are purchased but it’s only a wish that beggars would ride on.Quoting myself,”IEBC would rather loose the case in the Supreme Court but fail to open servers for scrutiny to cover up the massive electoral fraud”.It happened exactly the way i had predicted,they lost the case but we shouldn’t loose in pushing for cleaning up of the Servers.

SAFRAN the Service providers Contract must be invalidated and contract agreement be awarded to different firm.

National Integrity and Integration Commission(NCIC) Must Stop Being Partisan

When Post Election Violence erupted after Presidential results declaration which favoured Uhuru Kenyatta,over 100 death were reported in Opposition Strongholds but NCIC through its Old Engine Chairman Ole Kaparo in a presser admitted he had not recieved any report over death case up to date.Worsening is a case of 6months old baby Pendo who went into a coma and later died because police brutality,9 year old Moraa,a school girl who was too shot while playing in the balcony during this period were just here says to NCIC.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria who inherited the throne from President Uhuru Kenyatta has become the ‘Untouchable Hate speech Monger’.He promised to manhunt over 70,000 people who voted for Opposition Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga,he told his followers to be ready to shed blood as they won’t allow loss in Presidential Elections.If no action is taken and this sentiments are again taken as here say by the Commission then let’s be ready for this country will burn to ashes.

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Sameer Group’s Naushad Merali Impersonation Saga Of President Uhuru Opens A Pandora Box



In what seems like a well planned out plot of people who’ve studied the system well to know how it runs and who to target a can of worms has been ripped out.

Merali whom has had close ties with almost all administrations since Kenyatta era, was targeted by the now famous group of seven individuals in what has turned out to be an historic scamming.

On January 14 recieved a call from the ‘President’ about a tender, the tycoon had no reason to doubt he caller was not the head of state. The caller perfectly mimicked his voice.

Merali and the ‘President’ exchanged pleasantries on the phone, then got down to business.

The ‘President informed Merali of a state tender he wanted the well-known businessman to enjoy. But there was a catch. The ‘head of state’ asked Merali for a small favour before he could embark on the lucrative contract, Sh10 million in advance for facilitation. That presumably was a trifle compared to the tender itself.

It happened that Merali was outside the country but that wasn’t gonna stop the show given his appetite, he took the risk and tadked his financial officer to process the facilitation fee which at this point we will call it as it is, a bribe.

So elaborate was the plan that the ‘President’ sent his men to pickup the cash from Merali’s office in Mombasa road. Sharply dressed men arrived with full Police escort and high range cars to clear any touch of doubt. They were given the Sh.10M.

So here’s what I pick from the story that Mr. Merali and President Uhuru are obviously not new to each other and probably have had other personal engagements together beforehand for Merali to quickly give in to the mimicked voice.

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The suspects didn’t target Merali randomly and using uhuru’s voice randomly, this was elaborate, they must have had an insider information in order to be able to exploit the weak links. Sh10M is not a few coins that Merali would just give easily without solid assurance like the president himself collecting the money. The level of confidence Merali had on the ‘President’ could easily point at a possible previous and similar engagement.

It also can mean that, there’s an elaborate ring including Statehouse officials who target businessmen and defraud in President’s name. Infact, Police investigations are exploring this possibility.

The group has links to State House, Harambee House and other powerful offices which they use to execute their swindles.

The scammers lure rich business people with the promises of restricted tenders mainly involving the supply of goods.

To win the trust of potential bidders, the fraudsters in collusion with government officials and police officers forge documents on letterhead and invite their targets to government offices to sign fake documents. This opens up the Pandora box of how tenderprenuers enjoy privileges from the state officials and how money exchange hands to win contracts.

Merali should be arrested on arrival at the airport from wherever he’s now comfortably hiding to answer on bribery and I’m certain investigators can extract more information from him to catch those in the web that is if they’re serious to take this case to the end.

It also opens up a box of lies that the so called flamboyant ‘businessmen’ make their money, most of the suspects arrested live large, they’ve enjoyed positive press before. This isn’t the first time scamming case to hit the airwaves, it’s still fresh in minds about yet another flamboyant ‘businessman’ Jared Otieno who was also in the spotlight for fraud.

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Uhuru Must Replace The Rejected Ambassadors By Host Country With Competent Kenyans



Ambassadorial posts like many other parastatal appointments have been largely awarded on political weighing as opposed to merits. International relations is an important aspect of any country’s growth that’s why serious country’s only assign career diplomats to such duties.

However, in Kenya such posts more often are awarded to political rejects who’re given the positions as reward for sycophancy. It now emerges that seven ambassadors of Kenya have been denied accreditation by their host countries given their tainted records in Kenya.

Though the government has been trying behind the scenes to resolve the unprecedented diplomatic development on the postings, it would appear Russia, Turkey, Austria, China, Malaysia, Namibia and Qatar have rejected the new envoys.

And six months after being vetted by Parliament and consequently appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta, the seven; Ndegwa Muhoro (Malaysia), Hassan Wario (Austria), Benjamin Langat (Namibia), Johnson Kimani Ondieki (Turkey), Richard Ekai (Russia), Sarah Serem (China) and Paddy Ahenda (Qatar) have yet to report to their foreign duty stations.

Other appointments said to have run into the rare diplomatic headwinds include that of ambassador to the European Union (EU) Phyllis Kandie, who was later replaced by former Cabinet colleague Prof Jacob Kaimenyi.

This is a clear manifest that the so called vetting processes conducted in Kenya are just a farce and that other countries prioritize integrity. It still baffles me how someone like Ndegwa Muhoro successfully went through the vetting process despite having an immensely controversial record while he was the DCI.

Here’s a man who was at the center of extrajudicial killings including unresolved murders of many including businessman Jacob Juma whom many believe was assassinated by the state and IEBC’s ICT Director Chris Musando. Not to mention a heap of corruption accusations labeled against him including the land grabbing of Tatu City.

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It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that Muhoro’s former position as Directorate of Criminal Investigations, might have worked against his appointment as ambassador to Malaysia.

Apparently, Malaysian government has blocked his appointment citing his alleged blighted record during his tenure at Mazingira House, the DCI headquarters.

During his vetting process by the National Assembly, Muhoro whose first appointment to Israel as an envoy did not materialise, was confronted with allegations of spate of extra-judicial killings and unsolved high-profile murders during his tenure. Malaysian government under the new tough Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohamad blocked the former sleuth’s ambassadorial job.

Another crook who doesn’t deserve to hold any public office is Hassan Wario, the Former Sports CS Wario’s appointment may have run into trouble after he was charged together with Olympics legend Kipchoge Keino over the Sh55 million Rio Olympic graft scandal. His case is still pending in court.

Honestly, these are the peiple expected to represent the face of Kenya in the host countries and they walk in with taunted images? What will this say about Kenya? Malaysia for instance has been a safe hum for many corrupt Kenyans who hide their wealth and then you purport to fight corruption and assign a more corrupt individual like Muhoro to represent the country?

The President Must now live by his words, he recently said that none of those implicated in corrupt cases would be allowed to occupy public offices. This is the perfect time for Uhuru to cut links with his corrupt friends. We have able Kenyans who’re experienced diplomats to fill those voids. More time must not be wasted.

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Muhoro and his group of unworthy choices must be immediately discharged to retirement. The country won’t stop running because a few monkeys fell off the tree. President Must now prove a point on what he really stands for.

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Why Wilkins Fadhili Will Get Away With Everything



Wilkins Fadhili.

The 2013 block buster ‘wolf of wallstreet’ was a hit that aimed to caution the young and money obsessed individuals on quick and dirty tricks to earn money. Instead, it served as a blue print to escape poverty by any means. Taking advantage of grey areas and loop holes in the constitutions, many young and old people learnt tricks on how to fake it and make it across the globe. Faking lavish lifestyles, talking like super hustlers and posing to inspire the young and gullible.

Survey shows that out of three young people, one is most likey to be living under pressure to present themselves as having a ‘perfect’ life on social media. This is what the coning pair, Wilkins Odinga Fadhili and Ruth Ambogo took advantage of. Wilkins chose to be a fake brand strategist, developer and his bae, Ruth Ambogo who came to some sort of limelight through Daughters of Raila campaign team was posing as a successful young lady, below 25 years of age. What she succeeded on is yet to be known.

Ambogo has been taking advantage of the unsuspecting young people, posing as one within their age bracket who has made it. She has organised seminars and workshops, coned young and extended to rip on githeri media that does no background check. If she was not elsewhere coning the youth in the company of Fadhili, she would be the slay in television interviews slotted between soap operas or naija movies because that’s when many gullible kids in their late teens and mid tweenties are watching. ‘Motivating’ and talking as one who made through hardwork but what did she make it on? nothing but fakery.

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Ambogo and Fadhili were enroute to enjoying the heroic status like that of a successful athlete, a musician or business person. She was nearly becoming a female Myles Monroe. Only that her motivation was fake and in her head she was living her dream, mid day dreams. Both of them were nominated for funny awards as the most promising under 25s. Are they under 25? Ambogo smears anything in her face to seal pot holes and wrinkes to atlease resemble a young person but even a mad man will tell you that that bae is over thirty and counting.

Back at home they were having living together and having sex, which is allowed if anything they are two very old people thinking of their 40s. With age advancing and world changing, it’s like Wilkins was running short of tricks to keep the coning business a float and you know romance without finance is not easy with a slay as your bae. Their thing was hitting rock bottom, reports were doing rounds that Wilkins was moving from one girl’s house to the next. Sources close to the couple revealed to K.I that Ambogo was getting tired of Wilkins but still had a feeling that his coning tricks would make a big killing. 

He was under duress, people he had coned or borrowed money from were blowing his phones, he was not landing on new preys, the ‘business’ was literally bad for him and like any other slay, Ambogo was becoming impatient. When Fadhili’s trick to con Larry Madowo (a journalist) failed and Larry bursted him, Ambogo took that as an opportune time to distance herself from her man. She wasn’t lucky though, netizens were on her with water tight eveidence that tied them together. 

First coning couple of 2019. Look at where faking has put them, if these guys were real, their friendship would stand the test of time and hardship. No law bars one from being nominated for awards, you actually create your own, nomiated yourself and even award yourself. They faked it to this level. With conversations over millions in public while back at home they argued over tomatoes and secretly went through each others phones. Trust was at its all time low.

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Ambogo was faker,  distancing herself when Wilkins was bursted is why, “Fake friends are like shadows: always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour. True friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but they are always there.” – Habeeb Akande.

By @grinlightmedia on Twitter.

Kenya Insights allows guest blogging, if you want to be published on Kenya’s most authoritative and accurate blog, have an expose, news, story angles, human interest stories, drop us an email on [email protected] or via Telegram
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