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Five Key Lessons To Learn From Bob Collymore’s The Boys Club



The famous Boys Club.

I was watching Boys club on JKL and i pointed out a few notable things;

Friendship is intentional and an investment. Your inner circle will always influence the most important decisions in your life. This is what it means by choosing your friends wisely because they can either make or break you.

True friends will always show up. All these men are busy people, they got companies to run and bigger responsiblities to handle but they still found time for Bob. They all flew to London to visit him in hospital. We create time for things and people that are most important to us. So next time someone gives you a series of excuses on why they cant or are too busy, just know you are not one of their priorities.

You are the sum total of the 5 friends you hang out most with. In this day and age, being wealthy, in power and having scandals almost go hand in hand. I’m not insinuating these boys dont have skeletons in their closet but the fact that those scandals are not on our faces means they handle their shit right. What values do your friends ascribe to? Are you all about drinking, partying, women or men and a trail of scandals?

For a friendship to thrive, it needs purpose. Purpose is what makes you acknowledge this life is more than you. More than your wants, your needs, your desires. It is what makes us do more than what we are supposed to, what makes you go out of your way for others. Find friends with purpose. Friends who come together and make an impact in spaces where they never expect to be repayed.

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Fun Friends! They say life is for the living and we only have one life to live. Find friends who will make every day of your living worth the while. Laugh and learn at your mistakes, travel, do things that strengthen your bond because those memories are what you will forever hold when they are long gone.

Re-evaluate your friendships. If it doesnt do you good, find one that will.

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