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Deciphering Jubilee’s Anger, They Skipped A Beat



President Uhuru Kenyatta


2013, the supreme court threw out CORD’s petition challenging Uhuru’s win even though they lodged heap of evidence which was expunged on technicalities basis. Painfully, Raila would then accept the court’s verdict even though he felt he was treated unfairly. Accept and move on campaigns filled the air and true to it, everyone moved on. Fast forward to 2017, an identical scenario would replay but this time, dynamics changed, the hunter became the hunted. Uhuru whose win had been upheld by Mutunga’s led Supreme Court was nullified by CJ Maraga’s led court. This was historic. Kenya booked its entrance into the books of history as the third country in the world to have ever overturned a presidential election. So unusual in an African country such that America through thrashed Democrats presidential loser Hillary Clinton is using Kenya as-as reference to democracy and judicial independence.


Jubilee administration has been on an extreme attack on the judiciary particularly singling out individual judges who ruled in favor of Jubilee. In a clear witch hunt and intimidation theatrics, Jubilee has crafted lies to insinuate that the nullification ruling was influenced and bribed. Laughable because we know the financial muscles of players and who can bribe more than the other. No one can beat Jubilee in corruption hands down. If judges decision were to rely on who bribed the most, Uhuru would have been sworn in by now. A cleverly crafted war on the judiciary who’s exhibiting their independence is not only meant to silence the only strong standing body but also aimed to snatch the voice of the majority of Kenyans.

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After Maraga’s verdict, Jubilee has been generally on the extreme attack, full anger. Shockingly, IEBC who was found guilty of sabotaging the election has not fallen victim of the combat. Actually, Jubilee has been up in arms with the same elements that scratched their win. Jubilee has objected reforms to the electoral body for a free fair election making you wonder why they would be comfortable with a scamming body if they’re not benefactors of fraud. Honestly, that’s the only basic explanation.

On Monday,19th, September, Kenyans were treated to a rare occasion. A previously barricaded, heavily protected Supreme Court premise was left open to the Jubilee protesters. Unlike previous political demos characterized with heavy anti-riot police and ruthless repel, Jubilee supporters were accorded the privilege. Practiced their right to picket without police interference. This without mincing words elaborated the bias in the system. For the first time; a violent demo didn’t exhibit violent resistance from the police. All in all, question is, what’s with all the anger?if Jubilee genuinely won and have all the numbers for a comfortable win then why all the anger and theatrics? There can only be one explanation.

There is a simple explanation to all this Uhuru and Jubilee’s erratic displays of anger. Jubilee is confused and playing catchup after being thrown off balance by the ruling. David Ndii says. “We should actually sympathize with Jubilee. They don’t have a plan. You see when one is planning to steal, the only plan one creates is how to get away with it. No one makes a plan that stipulates how to act when you are caught.”

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Same here. In Jubilee’s case, they had one plan. A clear plan;

1. Rig Elections and Declare Uhuru President.
2. Swear in Uhuru and Seize Control of the Instruments of Power
3. Negotiate with the “NASA Losers” in the aftermath when you have power and the guns.

The problem is Jubilee got caught. Now, no thief ever creates a plan to deal with “getting caught”.

The madness we are being treated to by Jubilee is testimony that UhuRuto teams are operating in a “Strategic Vacuum”.

They have to create a “quick plan/s” in realtime after being caught in the act. The “plans” have to be created and implemented in a changed environment – where the perception of an all-powerful Prince and Presidency is gone up in smoke. And time is not on their side. That’s the reason for the desperation, the confusion, and the blunders.

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