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David Muge The Vet Doctor Who Turned Millionaire Overnight And What He Hopes You Don’t Know



David Muge And His Girlfriend Nancy Tai during the opening ceremony of the coffee factory.

David Muge is not your usual vocal politician but a close confidant of the DP Ruto who has cut many deals for. Chances are, you might have not heard about his name or perhaps read his initial story we did that broke the waters.

Just to demonstrate how powerful Muge has been, he’s the man who signed the controversial deal between Zakhem and Kenya Pipeline, how he did this despite the fact that he wasn’t a KPC employee, nobody knows. According to a leaked intelligence report Muge was named as a leading face in the multi billion corruption scandals that rocked KPC.

Muge is also at the center of the laptops for school children in yet another controversial deal he cut with Portuguese businessmen. Muge who has a palatial home in Karen suspected to have been bought off by the proceeds from Zakhem deal, prefers living silently away from media view but moves major behind scenes.

On the 10 First Floor, Kenya Re Towers in Upper Hill where Muge spends most of his time of not at his Karen home construction, he’s at Trident Heights Riara where he’s building a 2 block apartments which is built under Netai Ltd a company associated with his girlfriend Nancy Tai or in Eldoret where he’s also building a home.

Great Rift Coffee was a huge project started by David Muge the vet doctor from London recently exposed on KenyaInsights as the middleman between Zakhem and Ruto, an arrangement to protect and conceal Ruto’s involvement. 

Huge backhanders were filtered through stooge companies such as Clifton Energy International and looted money has already been spent on impressive projects like Great Rift Coffee.  This project was cleverly disguised on the Great Rift website (now disappeared!). 

It misleadingly portrayed Muge as a generous diaspora bringing home the spoils of his successful business in the UK to invest in Kenya. But since his UK companies have not made any significant profit in the UK according to the publicly filed accounts there, something doesn’t add up.

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Now the factory rather than grinding coffee has ground to a halt.  Why. Has the money from Zakhem dried up now Joe Sang and co have been arrested. Or has Ruto ordered everyone should lie low and keep a low profile until this blows over. How long will it take Kenyans to forget Muge?

Perhaps local Kalenjin farmers feel let down and robbed by their own and are unwilling to supply coffee.  What is the involvement of Nancy Tai pictured above with Muge at the opening ceremony. Is money laundered through the company they own together, Netai Limited.

KenyaInsights contacted Zakhem bosses who abruptly assured us that dealings with Muge were not up for discussion.  There was no way of proving any fraud they said.  Other than confirming his involvement this did little to reassure us.

We want real answers. We want to know why Ruto assigned a London vet doctor to sign this deal.  Unless they can reply with a good reason then the obvious conclusion is corruption. 

Where did Great Rift money come from?

Why is Zakhem keen to cover up for Muge?

KenyaInsights demands answers. 

Cc EACC and DCI …. PLEASE WAKE UP and smell the coffee!!! Freeze dry Great Rift assets pending full financial investigation. If it is above board then we’ll welcome freeze dried Great Rift coffee. 

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has been selected to be the first speaker at the Warwick Africa Summit in February 2019 in London. The summit will be hosted by the Warwick University. The theme of the event is ‘We Face forward’ which is meant to encourage young Africans to focus on the future. Ironical to have a man of questionable reputation to lecture in such a subject.

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Closer sources hints to Kenya Insights that Muge will be accompanying the DP. We’re therefore reaching out to the Warwick University and UK Government to task and ask them serious and legitimate accountability questions.

Muge being a holder of UK citizenship, has been an asset in so many ways being able to move around the world in cutting their questionable deals with ease. He’s also been used to import top of the range cars. UK government as a partner with Kenya, need to investigate Muge who’s their citizen as well and ascertain the legitimacy of his wealth. As we move on, Kenya Insights will be releasing more details on his questionable wealth and deeper look into controversial deals like that of Zakhem and the Laptops.

DCI have launched investigations on KPC corruption and we hope this will go to net illegally acquired wealth like its suspected of Muge, police must break the bubble and determine why Muge signed deal with Zakhem despite not being an employee and study his transactions line which we will breakdown as far as from Dubai. Serious loopholes in the procurement process that must be punished. We ask EACC and relevant authorities to give us an ear and more so to recover the stolen public funds. Standby for Part 2.

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Britam Risks Losing Billions As Court Rules In Favor Of Cytonn Over Unsubstantiated Fraud Claims




Back in 2014 Britam accused four of its former employees of theft of billions of shillings, to the tune of kes. 8 billion, and sought to file criminal complaints about them. Britam said that the theft was discovered after audits done by accounting firm KPMG and law firm Coulson Harney.

The four former employees refuted this claiming that no such theft had happened and wrote to Britam asking them to disclose the said reports to prove their innocence. Britam, however, refused to disclose the audit reports and the four former employees then filed a lawsuit in the high court in 2016 seeking to compel Britam to disclose the audits.

After three years of litigation, the judge ruled and ordered that indeed Britam must disclose the said audit reports if they are relying on them to allege theft by its former employees. Additionally, the judge found Britam’s conduct so unbecoming that it also slapped Britam with the penalty of refunding the accused former staff with the cost of the lawsuit.

Contacted for comment, our source at Britam says that the board is furious with the CEO, Benson Wairegi, why he filed frivolous lawsuits just for the sake of trying to kill competition from former staff. The new investors IFC and Swiss RE are apparently unhappy with Mr. Wairegi and want to see him fired by the end of the year.

The stock has tanked by over 75% since he lost his team to Cytonn and is now trading at below IPO price. Our sources tell us that the new investors, IFC, Swiss Re, and AfricInvest are frustrated because they’re sitting on paper losses, having bought the share price at kshs. 15 and now it is trading at below 9 bob.

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When we contacted a source at Cytonn, she said that “all their games shall come to a sudden and painful end. We are going to go after them for billions of shillings for damages. They are the ones with really big legal issues. The judge was very clear in his ruling. And we can assure you, the so-called forensic audits don’t exist, they have just fixed themselves with their lies”

Sooner or later the market will realize that this is the biggest corporate lie ever perpetrated by a listed company to investors and in plain sight of regulators and international shareholders like IFC and Swiss Re.

Our investigative desk obtains the ruling below.


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Shadowy Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki Is On The Run Over Sh3Billion Monthly Tax Evasion And Massive Fraud



Businessman Humphrey Kariuki.

Kenya’s leading alcoholic spirits manufacturer Africa Spirits Limited (ASL) is on the spot following a raid conducted by DCI and Kenya Revenue Authority officers. The joint raid that was conducted at the company’s factory in Thika was headed by the head of Flying Squad Musa Yego in conjunction with senior officials from KRA.

Investigators from KRA and DCI during the raid seized around 21 million counterfeit excise stamps and 312,000 litres of suspected illicit ethanol with an estimated tax potential of Sh. 3billion monthly at Africa Spirits factory in Thika, in an operation that commenced on 31st January 2019.

Yego said they conducted the raid following a tip-off. He added they were also investigating possibility of production of sub-standard alcohol in the factory. “We have arrested three employees who would be arraigned in court. We are also looking for the owner of the company,” said Yego. Ann Iringu a deputy commissioner at KRA said the raid was geared towards fighting illicit trade. Iringu said they were also investigating to see if the company conforms to taxation laws.

She added they had also confiscated some of KRA stamps.“We will also carry out investigations to ascertain if ethanol that has been confiscated here is illicit and if alcohol production going on in the factory is illegal,” said Ms Ngugi. The KRA official said ongoing investigations which will take about a week will reveal if the company has been evading tax and to what extent. She appealed to KRA officials at the country’s border points to be vigilant in order to ensure no illegal goods get access to the Kenyan market.

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Established in 2004, African Sprit Limited has been instrumental in shaping the local alcohol beverage market, with its brands leading various segments of Brandy, Gin and Vodka.

Some of it products include Legend Gold Brandy, Blue moon Vodka, Blue Moon Vodka flavors (Apple, Mango & Ginger), Gypsy King Gin and The Furaha Range among others.

African Spirit Limited is owned by shadowy Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki who has been implicated in other scandals including drug trafficking even though the courts recently cleared his name of the accusations. Kariuki who co owns empire with Harun Mwau are said to be falling apart after a 40 year partnership.

The two were named in the drug cartel. Amongst their known businesses includes The Hub an upmarket mall in Karen, Mount Kenya Safari Club In Nanyuki, Wines of the world amongst many others that we shall mention in our subsequent series in exposing a long history of fraud including Kariuki’s Involvement in South Sudan war where his oil company was involved in looting the funds and fueling the escalating war.

Last year, the government scuttled Wine of the World Beverages bid to exclusively import and distribute exotic wine and spirit brands from seven international suppliers to avert a monopoly.

In a statement, the Competition Authority of Kenya said the company’s exclusive distributorship agreements with the distributors would have seen it dominate the market and lock out rivals at the expense of consumers.

His roots in South Sudan is so deep that Salva Kirr spends at his opulent Dik Dik Gardens, Kileleshwa home. Kiir In a report by Sentry was named amongst South Sudan’s leaders use the country’s oil wealth to get rich and terrorize civilians.

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‪DCI Recommends Charges Against Five Local Banks Over Involvement In The NYS II Heist As DPP Haji Forms Team To Review Files‬



DPP Noordin Haji.

Trouble looms for banks and officials who were involved in the illegal NYS II transactions a scandal that saw Sh8B embezzled. DPP Noordin has issued a statement on the progress following investigations on the marked banks by the DCI.

DCI investigations as directed by the DPP on the criminal culpability has found five banks liable; Standard Chartered, KCB, Equity,Co-Op bank and DTB all have a case to answer. The banks violated restrictions that govern banks in Kenya by facilitating flow of proceeds from crime and money laundering.

Investigations established that the Standard Chartered Bank received a total of Sh.1,628,902,000 between January 2016 and April 2018 out of which Sh.588,558,000 was suspiciously transacted by bank’ Officials without reporting to the Financial Reporting Center as opposed to the POCAMLA regulations.

KCB according to the investigations had received Sh800M of which Sh148,397,000 was suspiciously transacted by bank officials without sticking to the POCAMLA regulations.

Equity Bank received Sh.886,426,904 and that Sh264,200,000 and USD58,000 was transacted without adherence to the regulations.

Diamond Trust Bank which is currently under prove over involvement in helping Dusit terrorists launder their money for the attack, is in the frying pan as well. Investigations reveal that, the bank had received Sh.164M out of which Sh27,946,298 went without being captured by the regulatory board.

Co-Op Bank received Sh.250M and suspiciously transacted Sh.25M without reporting. DPP has since constituted a team of senior prosecutors who’ll review the files and give recommendations in the next two weeks.

DTB had been fined Sh56 million by CBK while Co-operative Bank will pay Sh20 million. The five banks handled a total of Sh3.5 billion from NYS with StanChart handling the largest transaction worth Sh1.6 billion followed by Equity Bank at Sh886 million, while KCBprocesses Sh639 million. The same banks involved in the NYS I are also the ones being chopped over NYS II. It seems the fines never worked so the punishment this time should even be heavier.

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Kenya Insights allows guest blogging, if you want to be published on Kenya’s most authoritative and accurate blog, have an expose, news, story angles, human interest stories, drop us an email on [email protected] or via Telegram
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