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Leaked Intelligence Report Details The Deep Corruption At Kenya Pipeline And How CS Keter Was Bribed With Sh100M, MD Sang Sh35M And A Mr David Muge In The Controversial Zakhem Deal



KPC MD Joe Sang

As we’ve been saying in past articles, corruption thrives in the energy sector and at Kenya Pipeline, it goes deeper than that. A report has surfaced online labeled top secret terming the depth of corruption at KPC as a threat to national security.

Word reaching us is, the DCI are almost done with their investigations and DPP preparing his files. We’re going to summarize the details on the document for public’s consumption since this a matter of their interest. Billions of taxpayers money has been stolen.

1. KPC Line 5 Project contract sum kshs 48.4 Billion.

The compiled report notes that the procurement process might have been above board and the speed  of financial evaluation was done and award letter given is suspicious. Also the report follows the movements of money overseas and within the country in what they’ve used to piece up and build their case. They also used phone records of the principals and their agents.

Actual Money Lost

➢ Who is Mr David Muge(DM) who signed the commission agency agreement with Zakhem for ksh 6B. A big question in the report is the mysterious man in the middle of this scandal. According to our independent investigations and sources, we’ve placed the man in London and will reveal more explosive info on our subsequent series exposing the KPC crooks.

Key pointers on the report sent to the DCI Kinoti;

➢ Was the money wired from Turkey to UK.
➢ Was the Money wired from US to UK
➢ How did the money end up in Kenya and to which account.

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It then goes further to detail how the theft was executed;

➢ KPC MD Charles Tanui was paid $3M in Dubai and $1M in Kenya through the brother Daniel
Tanui-,MD Mitchellcotts,Abdi –MD-Nandi Tea and the MR Terikin MD Total security

➢ KPC chairman John Ngumi made several contacts with Albert of ZIC he was eventually paid

➢ CS Charles Ketter on entry to the ministry made several demands to Ibrahim of ZIC and was
silenced with kshs 100M

➢ PS Andrew Kamau also benefitted with kshs 200M from his meeting with Ibrahim of ZIC

➢ PS Andrew Kamau made contacts with ZIC top management in his May –June 2018 trip to
USA he has a confirmation of $2M facilitate the variation payment

➢ PPOA Chair Paul Gicheru has was instrumental in the cover up of the tender award with a
KSHS 10M reward from ZIC

➢ PIC Chair Adan Keynan was paid ksh 29M at zic offices at Spring Valley ZIC residence to
cover PIC member although the money never reached the members forcing ZIC team to make
additional payments direct to PIC members

➢ KPC Board of Directors and Families Faith, Felicity and Charles Tanui – ZIC offered a fully
paid holiday to board and families members in a five star hotel in Dubai in addition to kshs 3M
per member.

➢ Current KPC MD Joe Sang and GM Supply Logistics –Vincent Cheruiyot were paid ksh 35M
through sealing solution ltd, Oilfield engineering and Boiler solutions ltd.

➢ Chief Technical Manager Elias Karumi and project Manager Kiama were paid ksh 80M to
approve design change resulting in a saving of kshs 300M for ZIC.

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➢ Board Technical Chair Marwa was paid Kshs 15 Million to facilitate Design Change.

➢ NCA Fees 0.05% (kshs 200M) of the contract sum was paid to ZIC despite a waiver having
being sought from NCA and relevant government agencies.-The money was shared between
ZIC, KPC board and NCA Director Manduku.

➢ What was the main reason for constant contacts between ZIC and KPC BOD the report questions and that’s something for everyone’s guess.


2) Charles Tanui
3) John Ngumi
4) Daniel Tanui
5) Abdi
6) Terikin
7) PS –Andrew Kamau
8) CS-Charles Ketter
9) KPC Board Of Directors 10) Adan Keynan
11) ZIC top management 12) Payments to Sealing
Solutions LTD
13) Payments to Boiler Solutions LTD
14) Oilfield Engineering Ltd

15) GM-Procurement
Vincent Cheruiyot 16) Eng Elias Karumi
17) Eng Kiama
18) NCA Daniel Manduku

As we continue with our expose on the grand theft at KPC, we’re also keen to follow the actions that will be taken by the authorities and arrests that shall. E made. Si far, those implicated in the report should have their days in court.

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