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David Makali Is A Broke Man Struggling To Survive As He Turns To Ababu Namwamba For The Eurobond Share



A jack of all trades and nearly a master of none, David Makali, a Senator wanna be for Bungoma County is a troubled man with a history of not keeping his jobs. Restless like a cow on heat, Analyst Makali has worked with ODM in the past, tried to run for the Bungoma senatorial seat as an independent candidate where he was beaten before the sun set.

The veteran journalist recently quit his job at the IEBC to vie for Bungoma seat. He also quit his lucrative TV job for political ambitions. He is now the secretary general for the recently ‘re-launched’ Dr. Julia Ojiambo’s old Labour Party of Kenya where ODM rebel, Ababu Namwamba is the leader.

The irony is the party which was a hot air blown by Ababu, was hyped to bring on board new faces as a move in popularizing new generation leadership only for the enveloped Ababu to pull up with Granny Ojiambo who should be home playing with her great granddaughters and enjoying her retirement instead of pursuing politics which in her times, has less or no successful story to write home other than playing a tribal brokerage position, we still haven’t forgotten about her flimsy attempt with Kalonzo Musyoka as running mate.

It has not been confirmed whether Makali’s rifle is loaded or not, Namwamba complained of being an SG with an unloaded gun in ODM.
Makali is a confused fellow, even a five-year-old will tell you that he has slim chances of clinching the seat as much as the strong incumbent Moses Wetangula has his eyes set on the presidency. He can be a Senator for two years then quit, he never stays in a job for long. He is known for messing up, making wrong choices and turning to his friends and former classmates to seek desperate refuge.

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Despite his long service in money minting positions, the senator wannabe still lives in an apartment near Lenana Rd at the mercies of Wachira Waruru who’s paying his rent, and the citizen TV boss was Makali’s junior when the two worked with Standard Media Group. Not just that, his former classmate IEBC chief executive, Ezra Chiloba gave him the communication consultancy job, and he threw it.

He is now licking his tribesman’s boots, Ababu Namwamba, to get a direct nominations ticket to contest Bungoma senatorial seat as they feed on ‘Ababu’s Eurobond’ that he was paid to ditch ODM, the few coins Charlatan Ababu was paid has been broken and shared with all the political wolves from Luhyaland leaving the party with a near bankruptcy. Makali wore a torn face the entire time during the party launch knowing there was nothing much at stake but just skuma on the table, but the fella has no option but to hang in on there, you see, a man has to live.

Makali’s divorce case is still in court despite receiving a thorough beating from his wife last December. His wife was all bare knuckles on him crushing him like a military boot on an ant. Beating is common with Bungoma senators anyway even Senator Weta received a dog’s beating someday, they say Bukusu women are the real tranquilizers we can see that in these fellas putting a rock face to the public and are baby powder soft at home.

Makali forgot soon after nursing his black eye, and he quit his jobs when he cannot afford to pay his bullying wife Shs 600, 000 per month. He pleaded with the judge who told him to man up and pay the small amount. ‘You are always on TV, and you have a job with the IEBC, and you are a soundman running Sound Africa recording company” the Judge told him.

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Makali was paid millions by ODM in 2005, and his wife advised him to buy a house in Nairobi at SHS 5 million, but the poor millionaire chose to build a 7 million shilling house in his rural home. Now the Senator wannabe is a squatter; he has no house, and he can’t stand the force of his wife’s furious blows. He has been used and dumped, Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua bought him for a small bribing job then dropped him like a hot rod.

Then an analyst at Cheche, citizen tv’s weekly political show was given money by Mutua to collude with citizen TV reporters who were highlighting his deteriorating image and dismal performance. That’s the guys who wants to be the leader of a county, an individual who deliberately fostered Mutua’s hoodwinking tricks to make quick bucks when Machakos witnessed strike after strike with many who work as civil servants unable to pay their children’s school fee and other essential needs.

He did not stay long in the pockets of the ‘working’ governor whose much-hyped PR stunts are now backfiring right before his face, and the poor Makali has jumped into Ababu’s briefcase with invalid dreams to form the third force in Kenya’s current political scene. Let’s see how long he will last in Ababu’s suitcase, and maybe he is not only troubled and confused, he is looking for ways to fill his stomach. Man must live.

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