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ALERT: Avoid Nano Liquid Screen Protectors



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With every smartphone owner going the extra mile to make sure their phone remains as good as new, protecting the screen from cracks comes first. A couple steps in Nairobi and you will not miss them, set up on a desk, mostly a silver briefcase and manilla papers advertising what they do. They claim to coat your smartphone with Nano Liquid (Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)) that’ll deem your phone unbreakable, this is a hoax.

Purported to be unbreakable, here is how SiO2 works, when applied on your smartphone the SiO2 dries and becomes liquid glass, the liquid screen protector naturally provides oleophobic coating, anti-bacterial properties and the tiny layer of glass also adds a LITTLE more impact protection to the phone. The Nano liquid can be used on anything.

The liquid screen protectors are approx. 100 nanometers thick so it wouldnʼt add any noticeable thickness to your device. Technically, the liquid screen protectors just add scratch resistance since youʼre adding another layer of glass on top of the smartphone screen. But this layer is only 15-30 molecules thick and itʼs still just GLASS. you’re permanently adding another layer of glass on your phone!

Most Nano Liquids boast of 9H hardness, which might sound very safe to a normal Kenyan, making it a major selling factor. However, the average tempered glass screen protector also has 9H hardness, and we all know it breaks, so having the liquid screen protector as 9H is nothing special from a features standpoint.

I am not an expert and the Nano Liquid doesn’t at all bring a disadvantage to the phone. I do not see any advantages either. Say you drop your phone without the liquid protector, the glass breaks you have to change it, so you decide to put the liquid glass on the new screen, you drop it it cracks you basically have to change the screen again, the liquid Nano did not break your phone, neither did it change anything. On a regular tempered glass protector you can just peel it off.

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It is not entirely proven that the Nano liquid used in the streets of Nairobi is pure Silicone Dioxide, this may explain the malfunctions, however, best make a good financial decision and keep off it and stick to the tempered removable screen protectors.

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