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Abuse of Office: Steven Githaiga, MD TARDA Who Has Employed His Entire Family And Friends Into The Parastatal (2 of 20)



Mr. Steven Githaiga Ruimuku. Managing Director TARDA

Mr. Steven Githaiga Ruimuku. Managing Director TARDA

The second part of our 20 scheduled series dedicated to exposing the rot that has become of Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority(TARDA) MD Steve Githaiga originally born in 1953 but sliced his age down to serve more by changing his name and identity to Steven Githaiga Ruimuku, 1958. This was a calculated move to allow him to stay longer in the public office.

Githaiga has misused his powers as told in part one of the expose to victimise staff members outside his native Kikuyu community and practising open nepotism in the parastatal. While all concerned bodies from EACC to parliament have been served with complaints and evidence how the bully, tribal MD has been misusing his office, actions are yet to be taken.

This is attributed to the simple fact that the fraudulent MD has compromised officials including EACC to sit on his files, putting them on his bankroll while continuing with misusing the office and launching massive looting in TARDA.

In his tenure at TARDA, the MD has irregularly recruited over 40 staff without following the laid down procedures. There were no vacancies available, no budget allocations, no job advertisement made and no BoD approval and no interviews conducted.

Among those irregularly recruited by the corrupt and tribal TARDA MD include Ms Lucy Wangui Ngahu(second wife of the MD), Lawrence NGAHU(BROTHER TO LUCY), daughter to the Director of Regional Authorities, Ms Salome Oyosi, close relatives and relatives as shown in the list below.

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Screenshot_2016-08-13-14-23-02 Screenshot_2016-08-13-14-23-06

The newly recruited officers were not in casual engagement with as portrayed because previous cheque payments for casual employees do not indicate so. Casual payments in Masinga and TDIP are paid through cheque system.

Githaiga was interdicted for misappropriation of Ksh.90M for ESP programme in TANA DELTA which he has never accounted for to date. Its a shame that despite all these open steps of office abuse, the MD who by the way is illegally occupying the office by using illegitimate documents continues to enjoy the office tenure.

In a civilised country, such deceitful characters would not only be forced out of office but thrown into jail for forging documents and looting public funds. He’s bragging that he is the president’s community and that he’s untouchable. Is this the kind of persons the President want to be associated with? Someone who is using his name to loot public funds and to operate with full force impunity?

The scandals and looting by Githaiga in TARDA are overwhelming, and Kenya Insights with the dossiers at hand, will be highlighting these on every episode until the fraud MD is thrown out of office and a new competent MD appointed on merits takes over the office before the corrupt Githaiga sweeps the accounts clean. We, however, give the fraud MD chance to save himself the humiliation and exit the office before we launch the mother of Social Media campaign to not only oust him from the office he is illegally occupying buy expose his dirty linen. He can save himself by resigning, give back the money he stole, clear his office and negotiate with Kenyans he stole from for mercy.

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