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Why Vodafone Forced Michael Joseph to Quit, Bob Collymore Contract Not Renewed.




Michael Joseph, Popularly known to may as Mr. 10% was forced by Vodafone to Quit over Integrity and a ” Bad Image ” resulting from the exposes that were revealed by the Safaricom KPMG Forensic Audit Report.

To those not in the know, Michael Joseph earned the Mr. 10% Title because of his habit of demanding for a 10% commission for any deal/tender during his stint as Safaricom CEO. He is now as KQ and Kenyans are expecting miracles from him to turn over the national carrier that is now a cash-cow for cartels.

Vodafone is now trying to clean its house by kicking out all the ” bad guys ” that have done irreparable damage to their brand. The Safaricom KPMG Audit exposed many Scandals and a number of procurement weaknesses within East Africa’s most successful company, Safaricom.


Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore making a toast with Michael Joseph in a past event

The Audit report exposed a number of weaknesses not expected in a blue-chip like Safaricom. For instance single sourcing, corrupt ad-hoc committees, conflict of interest and a number of shell companies that were( Still are) being used to siphon billions from the Telco.

During his stint as Safaricom CEO, Michael Joseph’s word became the Law and the curse of single-sourcing, and Mr. 10% adopted the corporate graft. To say the least, Bob Collymore inherited a rotten system, but his big blunder was to keep using the corrupt system without cracking the whip, Making him complicit in all ways.

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From KPMG report, the curious case of CELFOCUS stands out like a sore thumb, a debacle going back a decade to 2007 during the reign of his majesty Micheal Joseph. I urge you to get the KPMG Report and see how the mother of all corruption, cronyism, and Impunity played out in this CELFOCUS Saga. The Kenya insights team will try to serialize the report further.

After the KPMG Report Leakage, Safaricom CFO Tombleson was Recalled by Vodafone in connection with the One Campus Fraud showing that the Report shook the Vodafone group.

Kenyan Officials are said to be probing how Michael Joseph bought a Ranch in Laikipia after Blogger Nyakundi alleged in his blog that he bought it using the CELFOCUS deal. Further reports indicate that the United Kingdom Serious Fraud Office wants to charge Mr. Bob Collymore for abuse of office.

The Situation is so bad that the Serious Fraud Office has demanded that Bob Collymore’s tenure comes to an end without extension or renewal of his contract. They don’t want to charge him while he is the CEO of Safaricom because that may hurt the company, in an unimaginable way.


Elsewhere, Suspect Corporate Newspapers and Blogs have already been bankrolled to report that Mr. Michael Joseph willingly quit Vodafone to ” Concentrate on other things ” Very suspect, and not expected from a Mr. 10% who always smells the Monies.

The Safaricom KPMG Report will haunt many, but the question is, how many will dodge the KPMG Report Bullet?

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We keep guessing …

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