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What Led To Kenya Sevens Team Losing Sh32M Sponsorship Deal And How KRU Used Players Money To Pay Bank Overdraft



Kenya Sevens Team

This is a statement from all Kenya Sevens national team players of this season.

In this statement, we give our side of the story and answer some of the unanswered questions.

We are doing this for the love and respect we have for this game. We would also like to state that we followed the right protocols to see that concerns were addressed, and that we were left with no other option but to blank out the logo.


Below is a chronology of the events that led to the impasse

The national team players (Shujaa) met Brand Kenya CEO together with the KRU CEO May 24 after Brand Kenya announced that they were coming in to sponsor Shujaa as the brand ambassadors to a tune of Sh20 million for a period of eight months.

To add on this, the Brand Kenya CEO stated that they were giving each player a token of Sh100,000 in form of cheques in appreciation of the good work done this season.

The KRU CEO interrupted and told Brand Kenya that it was easier to send the money to KRU first then to the players’ accounts directly as they have our account numbers.

We didn’t see anything wrong with this as we were told the money would be in our accounts before we travelled for the London and Paris legs. We agreed to this as we had already been told by our team manager that our May salaries were going to be delayed and paid on May 7, so we knew the Sh100,000 was going to sort out a few bills as we waited for the salaries to be paid.

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We travelled to London before the money hit our accounts. Reaching London, the Team Manager informed us that the money would be in by May 31. We waited for Thursday but nothing reflected in our accounts. On asking the Team Manager, he said that he had been told there was a delay and that the money would reflect the next day.

On Friday, nothing reflected in the accounts and we were told by the Team Manager that they had deposited the money that same Friday so we it would be there the coming Monday after the tournament. We decided to play the tournament with no hiccups, trusting that the money issue would be solved.

On Monday May 4, we travelled to Paris and still nothing had reflected in our accounts. On asking the Team Manager for the reason, he said that he would have a solid answer by Thursday June 7, the time which we were supposed to receive our salaries.

On Thursday, we had a meeting with the Team Manager and still, there was no answer from him. That was when we felt shortchanged by the union, hence the decision to blank out the sponsor’s name came about so that the union would answer the sponsors on why we hadn’t received our money, yet they had paid. Which at first was to be given as cheques but KRU insisted that it has to go through them.

After that incident, we heard that KRU had a bank overdraft that they didn’t know of, and that’s when we understood why the KRU CEO insisted that the money go through KRU accounts.

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We were told that we would be paid when we returned home but up to now nothing has reflected in the accounts.


We love doing what we do and it is with so much pride that we don the national team jersey and represent our country on the international rugby playing platform.

It is unfortunate that what appeared to be an internal matter has degenerated into uncalled for hostility and demonisation of the players.

We respect the institution. Respect is two-way. It is unfair to give us tags when all we are asking for is a tool to ensure that we do our work to the best of our ability.

Brand Kenya Director Chris Diaz (right) with KRU chairman Richard Omwela.

The issues we have raised are basic but crucial now and in future of this sport that we all love. Player welfare is key for us to move to the next level and we feel like this is what is holding us back and if it continues, we shall never ever play to our full potential and most upcoming players will never realise their dream fully.

We feel like so much is demanded of us by the union but they aren’t even doing the bare minimum to make sure we focus on bringing in the results.

We struggle to get training venues, our gym has very minimal equipment and these are just a few of the issues we have to go through and yet be able to compete with teams that are well taken care of.

We would not like to antagonise anybody but a time has come for our side of the story to be heard and hopefully things will change for the better of the sport and future players. Below are the 19 players who have taken a joint stand to ensure that these issues of player welfare are addressed.

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1) Oscar Ayodi 2) Oscar Ouma 3) Andrew Amonde 4) Collins Injera 5) William Ambaka 6) Billy Odhiambo 7) Dan Sikuta 8) Dennis Ombachi 9) Eden Agero 10) Samuel Oliech 11) Augustine Lugonzo 12) Jeff Oluoch 13) Nelson Oyoo 14) Brian Tanga 15) Arthur Owira 16) Herman Humwa 17) Ian Minjire 18) Eric Ombasa 19) Samuel Mureithi


We reiterate, we have never refused to talk and discuss with the technical bench or the KRU. We feel that we have not been unreasonable with whatever issues we have raised.

We are not rogues, rebels or superstars. For most of us, rugby has been part of our lives and played a big role in helping us be role models in society, not forgetting the amazing support of the 40M+ over the years, in good and bad times.

We would also like to state that t it was Shujaa’s decision to blank out the logo. It was a unanimous call by everyone in the setup, so we expect no name-calling of individual players and victimisation of any player or management by the KRU.

We hope that this will be resolved soon as the game we all love has to continue.

#Kenya7s #Shujaa

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Grace Msalame Sues Uganda’s Tourism Board For Illegaly Using Her Curvy Photos To Promote Sex Tourism



Grace Msalame.

Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism unveiled a beauty pageant dubbed ‘Miss Curvy Uganda’ in a bid to promote tourism in the country, the ministry decided to use Kenya’s media personality Grace Msalame as the official face of their Miss Curvy Uganda contest without her knowledge. Whether it was a mistake or deliberate is unknown but now they’ll have to prove it in court.

Grace a media personality in Kenya has distanced herself from the beauty pageant saying she was never part of the program neither did she give consent for her photo to be used in the promotion.

The promotion poster.

In a statement, Msalame says, “I take great exception for the fact that my image and likeliness are being used to propagate, disseminate and encourage objectification of women. I don’t agree nor endorse such a message or anyone who’s a creator of the idea that women’s body are tourist attraction sites.”

Miss Curvy Uganda 2019 Participants.

While announcing that her lawyers are already on legal course for redress, Msalame says, “I reject any association to me that has been unlawfully created by Miss Curvy Uganda 2019 and its agents.”

The media personality claims that her brand has been immensely hit following the publications of her images. “Miss Curvy Uganda’s deliberate and calculated use of my image and likeliness to promote violation of women’s bodies had defamed my character and reputation damaged a brand that I’ve worked for so many years to establish, and subjected me to unwarranted and undeserved cyber bullying.” She says in her statement.

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Gospel Artists HopeKid And DK Kwenye Beat Admits To Sleeping And Infecting A Lady With STI As Porn Bit Surfaces



HopeKid And DK Kwenye Beat.

New details continue to emerge in what is a circle of sex scandals rocking Kenya’s gospel industry. An anonymous lady had exposed famous gospel artists;HopeKid and DK Kwenye Beat for having lured her into an orgy.

According to the unnamed lady, she had something going on with HopeKid who then invited her to his house so she traveled from Nakuru to Nairobi for sex with the youthful artist. Things took a quick turn when HopeKid came to pick her in the company of DK.

Imstead of going to HopeKid’s house, he drove her to DK’s where they both slept with her in turns. The young lady who narrates her past as having been sexually abused by her relatives and describing herself as a sexual wreck, would later start off another relationship with DK.

Again, the met separately with DK and this time slept without protection and says it’s here that she contracted herpes. She’s been on treatment ever since so she says. While there’s no reported case on the same, the lady insists the threesome wasn’t consensual and that she was raped by the two artists.

While many had cast doubts on the accusations, the two artists seemed to have admitted having done the awful act with their apologies. This game hours after the story went viral on social media;

DK Kwenye Beat

DKKWENYEBEAT: Following the story going around, I would like first and foremost to repent to God Almighty for living a life of sin. Secondly I would wish to apologize to my girlfriend who has been nothing but supportive to me especially during this difficult season. I would also wish to apologize to the church fraternity, my family, everyone who consumes my music and anyone who looks up to me Am Sorry.

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I am not a perfect man. I am a fallen man but one that God is working on every day. I am a changed man from what I was back then. I am working my salvation with fear and trembling. Sadly this story has come out when I am on my way to complete reformation.

My prayer is that one day my ugly past will amount to an amazing testimony of God’s grace and redeeming power! For now, I am walking with Godly counsel as I seek to become the true man and minister of the gospel that God created me to be.


HOPEKID: Proverbs 24:16 “For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again.” I write this with a very heavy heart. I have done wrong before God and man. I am truly sorry. I am not a righteous man. I am a young man who has made mistake (which I am sorry for). I sincerely apologize to all who have been hurt as a result of my action.

I believe that if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us of all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I have repented of my sins and I am pursuing a life that is pleasing to Christ to the best of my ability. I have some pastors and some godly men who are walking with me in this path and I thank them for standing with me in this difficult time.

To all my fans, supporters, family and friends: I apologize for letting you down. I have fallen but God will raise me up. God will work this around for his glory! I urge you all to pray for me as I go through this restoration process. God bless you!

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And when you thought that would calm the storm, then you didn’t see the next coming. Size 8, a fellow gospel artist who made the switch from secular where she made a name out of being raunchy, attempted to come to the rescue of her colleagues, has come under harsh criticism for coming out as a rape sympathizer.

While the debate took heat, another audio clip had emerged of DK openly admitting to having slept with the girl and clearly stating it wasn’t take rather consensual and if there’s any evidence of take then the girl can as well take him to court. He comes out unapologetic and dismissive in what seems like a secretly recorded audio when they were having a boys chat.

While staying on the limelight, DK seem to have fetishes and forgetting he’s a gospel artist, on his Twitter account, the minister of God seem to be a liver of pornography as shown by the type of material he likes, on his profile, a lady giving head can be seen publicly.

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The Rise and Rise of Laying, an Occupation for The Beauties Without Brains



Socialite Huddah

No one finds life worth living, you make it worth in order to survive in this world where you can be anything you resolve to be. Our girls are resolving to be slays over any other career you can think of. There are no statistics to back this but i think the most sort after careers in Kenya today are slaying and procurement. It’s a blind race, many who choose to slay are running from poverty not aware of where they are running to. These crop of young girls and still sexy women dont buy the anology that little drops of water and grains of sand make the mighty ocean and pleasant land.

They are not hard to notice, graduating slays are small girls below 25 but listening to rhumba. They embrace near bad girl attitude, always with a packet of cancer sticks because they believe its sexy to smoke when waiting for sponsors, when arguing with cab drivers or whenever its time to go ratchet, smash and rob. This is what life has become, while conning men chest thumb with briefcase companies, light skin and bootylicious women have their offices between their legs (kra should find a way of taxing slays).

Many are making a living this way or beginning like this and get to greater heights. There are quite a number of female honourable members who took shots in their bottoms to rise to the top, I mean from selling or sleeping on bedsheets to sitting in boardrooms and now to making love and laws. Yes and you can only achieve that if you stay loyal to one or two sponsors.

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If anything this is not an easy occupation, sponsors can drop a slay anytime especially if the slay is young and naive or if she tries to play smart with miscalculated or if her supporting documents shed off in this industry where bootylicious and light skin women dominate the market. A sponsor can look like anything or faceless so long as the pockets are deep.

But who is to blame, harsh economic times, unemployment or lack of female role models? Most of the women in senior government positions have no inspirational and complete family set ups that can positively inspire young girls who may be looking upto to them. If its not some story of messy and noisy divorce, it’s a story of old single and having fun or loving whoever and whatever, partying and kicking with small boys or the husband has just been reduced to a near woman kind of figure who can be disrespected at will.

We have heard of many female lawmakers or ministers who phisically abuse or disrespect their have not husbands. Former nominated senator Elizabeth Ongoro made news on this. Look at the stories about Martha Karua, Prof.Olive Mugenda, Rachel Shebesh and Pasaris among others.

Some respected female lawmakers who chair or sit in powerful committees in parliament share sipping straws. Pathetic. I mean the female law makers who made the little known Wazir Chacha the man of the year 2018. An entire whatsapp group where Sabina Chege must have been the admin, all sipped the young man’s thick juice.

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What message does that send to our young girls? Some women in serious leadership also come out as ‘male women’, not just with the vibrating baritone but to what they speak in public and how they conduct themselves, ladies like Jumwa you know, untamed Millie Odhiambo to Caro Mutoko, an all time slay who preaches water and sips wine.

She confirms that slays are mostly beautiful and brainless girls but a few scholars and professionals also make money from this dirty game. This list is dominated by media girls with a few exceptions, the likes of Lilian Muli, Jackie Wanjiru, Kamene Goro the ratchet queen, Betty, Grace and K. Nyamu. These are slays with lucrative careers.

 The only slays who come clean are socialites, every young girls dream. They pioneer as instagram models, the next thing they are in some rapper’s music video, smashes with the same rapper, his friends and producer, dumps one of them via blog then theynmove to hanging with promotors then first MPs and then becomes an house hold name socialite/slay queen. Vera Sidika and Hudda Monroe must be doing a great job.

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