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We Know Your Salary Campaign Gains Momentum As NIS Pulls Chairs Sending The Corrupt Into Panic



National Intelligence Services (NIS) Major General Philip Wachira Kameru.

Kenyans on social media are perhaps the most active citizens in the country if not continent who take matters accountability and governance a notch higher. Corruption has been a trending topic for time now and with the recent declaration by the president to conduct lifestyle audit on all public officers, KOT(Kenyans on Twitter) agressive team are not taking things for granted and are going to unimaginable heights to turn the entire table.

Senior blogger Cyprian Nyakundi known for his corruption blasting campaigns had once again taken the lead with a chills sending exposing campaign dubbed #WeKnowYourSalary. With this, Kenyans  launch online campaign to expose assets and wealth of state/public officials not commensurate with genuine income. The blogger says the campaign will kick off from Monday 18 June 2018 campaign with start naming names and wealth of these officials.

Talking to Kenya Insights, Nyakundi believes this campaign will change the dynamics of investigations and will make the auditing process more open. “We’ve had several lifestyle audits and this isn’t the first time, the officers given the secrecy of the process have managed to hide their illicit wealth that’s why we’re launching this campaign to change the dynamics. I’m calling upon all Kenyans to expose all their names and properties illegally acquired. If they try to hide in papers, social media will be here to give the proof and reminder.”

So serious is the campaign that has been trending on Twitter the last four days with Kenyans already pouring in information. Sources close to graft purge in the the state intimates to us that the spymaster is taking this as an opportunity to pick information as this forms basis of human intelligence collection. EACC and DCI will as well be following on the information that will be streaming and a follow on extracted information implemented promptly.

Social Media in Kenya is proving to be an important tool in not only shaping the conversations and setting the agenda both online and mainstream but a vital component in governance. Being one of the most vocal voices on ethics and governance, I foresee greater things happening and it’s a good time for anti graft agencies to incorporate citizen participation in their campaigns. We want to see the Nyakundis and Kinyanboys of this inter webs working with EACC in the crackdown and flung beyond the keyboards.

It will be a waste of time and  resources if the intelligence from this campaign will be ignored. We will pool the information and continue to update you on what Kenyans are saying and who is being exposed. Public officers must account for every single property they own and those illegally acquired be repossessed and can we for once see people going to jail for looting public coffers?

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