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Video: Khaligraph Storms Empty Mpasho Newsroom



Africa's Best Male Rap and Hip Hop Award winner Khaligraph Jones Photo|Instagram

Brian Omollo alias Khaligraph Jones stormed Radio Africa offices yesternight.

The angry OG shared a video of him in an empty newsroom he believes it belongs to Mpasho group on his Instagram page.

Papa Jones seemed disappointed as he’s heard throwing insults at the empty desks.

“Majamaa wa mpasho, imebidi wamekimbia juu wamesikia OG anakuja hapa, kwendeni uko, matako,”

Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni replied on the Award winning rapper post calling OG clout chaser throwing his rants at the wrong time and on the wrong floor.

“Hahahaaaa!!! umechocha sana @khaligraph_jones …but you’re on the wrong floor my brother. Kuwa tu OG, nenda 3rd floor, ask for them before 9.00PM. Otherwise leave me alone, I am waiting for results from Lagos!!! ” reads Maina’s reply.

On his defense, Khaligraph said he was denied access to the said 3rd floor newsroom and the elevator closed.

Mpasho is an online gossip platform interested in controversial stories in the entertainment industry.

Papa Jones didn’t say why he stormed Radio Africa in the video.

But our checks have revealed why he might have stormed Mpasho.

On his recently released Song “Leave me Alone”, Khaligraph disparaged Mpasho for slurring him since his art went commercial.

“Mnabambika na vako, zile nyi husoma mpasho
Ile idhaa niko hustle, mi nikipanguza jasho
Mnaeneza udaku, ndio muongezwe za macho
Lakini na kula kichapo, kofi, soki na kahasho
Tangu niende commercial, nimekuwa controversial
Ngori zile niko nazo, zimeniletea vikwazo
Mahater wanakaza matako, but OG anakazanga muscle”

Here is the video Khaligraph Shared

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