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Uhuru Kenyatta’s Safety Under Siege: Is His Family in Danger?”



The home of the former president’s son faced a harrowing incident when it was raided by DCI officers who drove into his Karen residence in a vehicle with South Sudan plates last evening. Meanwhile, President William Ruto’s government accuses former president Uhuru Kenyatta of financially supporting opposition protests.

Despite handing over power after peaceful elections, Uhuru has been experiencing a concerning withdrawal of security from his inner circle, particularly based on ranks. This move has left him vulnerable and exposed.

Government officials have been relentlessly launching verbal attacks against Uhuru, further adding to the mounting tension and uncertainty surrounding his safety.

Amidst the onset of protests, known as “maandamano,” Uhuru unfounded accusations of funding activities associated with Raila Odinga, fuelling the blame game for any wrongdoing within the country.


Disturbingly, acts of vandalism at Northlands property have been unfolding, with the police inexplicably keeping their distance and observing hired youth engage in destructive and looting behaviors.

Adding to the alarming situation are threats made by Moses Kuria and government officials, suggesting possible invasions of homes, increasing the risk to Uhuru and his family.

The withdrawal of security from Mama Ngina’s home late at night has exposed her to potential danger, raising questions about the government’s priorities in ensuring the safety of the former president’s family.

Further compounding the concerns, Uhuru’s son has reportedly faced harassment by the police, potentially increasing their vulnerability in this uncertain climate.

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A sense of danger looms as mysterious cars with foreign plates have been spotted near Caledonia, leading to suspicions of potential assassins lurking in the vicinity.


In another concerning incident, a car with Kenyan plates staged at Caledonian for two days, raising further doubts about the intentions and activities surrounding the former president’s security.

To exacerbate the situation, individuals claiming to be from the DCI raided the residence in Karen, demanding the return of firearms, with the government attempting to link this raid to illegal guns allegedly used to kill protestors. Is this all part of a larger sinister plot?

As fears grow for Uhuru’s safety, the big question remains: Is the former president safe, and what about the safety of his family? The mounting threats, harassment, and questionable security decisions raise serious doubts about their well-being in the current political climate. The nation waits with bated breath for answers and assurances from those in power.

Personal Vendetta?

Uhuru Kenyatta is the first retired president to findhimself entangled in conflicts with his successor. Unlike President Mwai Kibaki, who refrained from pursuing Daniel after assuming power in 2002, Uhuru also did not target Kibaki, even after being defeated by him in 2002 when gave his first stab at the presidency.


However, the actions of the Kenya Kwanza government are now setting a troubling precedent in a country that has never experienced such divisive politics before. Despite Ruto’s accusations of Uhuru funding opposition politics, the recent raid on Uhuru’s home and the withdrawal of security details appear to be driven by personal vendetta.

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During the previous election, Uhuru supported the opposition chief instead of his then Deputy President, Dr. William Ruto. This political history might be playing a significant role in the current hostilities between the two leaders.

The situation raises concerns about the growing animosity between past and present leaders in Kenya and the potential consequences for the nation’s stability and future. The people of Kenya watch with apprehension as the political landscape takes a contentious turn, wondering how this clash of leaders will unfold and impact the nation’s progress.

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