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The LATE Kibra MP Ken Okoth Was In The League Of Sankara



Hon Ken Okoth

Tenda Wema Nenda Zako – Do Good and Go Your Way, is how i can best describe late Kibra MP Ken Okoth who battled colorectal cancer along with metastases in the Liver. His death was as a result of multiple organ failure that led him end his journey in Intensive Care Unit ( ICU) at Nairobi Hospital on Friday 26th.

The whole country is mourning, a rare case as we’ve seen sorry to say many personas – public figures – MPs who’ve died and even Governors and Senators but didn’t shock for lack of a better term and people didn’t feel a a vacuum left as it has been seen in Ken Okoth’s demise simply because they made no good legacy to be remembered for. Believe me not and this is in the public portfolio, Ken Okoth was the only MP in Kenyan history who had neither corruption scandal nor any hullabaloo like sex scandals, paternity cases like most politicians have. This man was pure and too competent.

He’s best known for his advocacy for Education and Healthcare which he was in the process of achieving in legalization of marijuana in Kenya and went as far as writing to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to petition for the legalisation of the banned drug in Kenya basing his arguments as follows:

1. “The proposed Bill seeks to ensure that there is regulation for growth and safe use of marijuana and hemp including the registration of growers of growers, producers, manufacturers and users with special focus on protection of children/minors from illicit use just as we do with tobacco and alcohol,”

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2. “The proposed bill seeks to also ensure that there is research and policy development on growth and use of marijuana and hemp for medical, industrial, textile and recreation purposes, with a focus on preservation of intellectual property rights for Kenyan research and natural heritage, knowledge and our indigenous plant assets.

3. “That the growth and use of marijuana is decriminalised and amnesty measures is instituted for the removal of criminal offence against citizens with prior convictions

4. “Progressive taxation measures for the marijuana industry to boost economic independence of Kenya and promote job creation along the full spectrum of the value addition chain for marijuana and hemp,”

“Let medicinal, not ethical considerations carry the day”

Okoth believed in Education and so even in his profile, he referred to himself as Educator. He bought buses for his constituency schools, built schools like Mbagathi High School, equipped these schools with learning materials all with CDF funds and personal contribution and partnerships.

“Since education is the foundation of everything and can help many out of poverty, Vision Elimu Kwanza is meant to impact the lives of poor and needy children in the slums,” – Ken Okoth

This is on record as he was named the best MP in use of CDF funds and since then he admired and touched so many lives.


Lessons learnt from Ken Okoth’s leadership strategy is: No need for many agendas and fail to accomplish any of them. Okoth chose two which he unarguably accomplished well and this has made him leave a legacy which will be forever be remembered.

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Hon Ken Okoth joins the league of young people who gone too soon:
Patrice Lumumba – 35
Bob Marley – 36
Thomas Sankara – 37
Tom Mboya – 38
Che Guevara – 39
Martin Luther King – 39
Malcolm X – 39
Ken Okoth – 41

Jeff Koinange set to rename library project “Jeff Koinange Library” to “Ken Okoth Library.” This decision was made by Jeff in his tweet to honour Ken Okoth whom they partnered with in this project and which was set to be launched in Mbagathi Girls High School, Kibra.

He also fought for the reclamation of Langata Primary land when DP was trying to grab it to extend his Weston hotel.

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