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Raila Odinga Launches Signature Collection as Kenyans Protest Skyrocketing Commodity Prices



Raila Odinga

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has initiated the collection of 10 million signatures, expressing that Kenyans are exhausted after the approval of the Finance Bill, which has caused a significant increase in commodity prices.

Odinga is determined to restore power to the people through constitutional means.

Speaking at a Saba Saba rally in Kamukunji on Friday, Odinga emphasized, “The Constitution states that power belongs to the people. Today, we are commencing the collection of ten million signatures, and we will have them by the end of next week.”


Following his speech in Kamukunji, Odinga called upon his supporters to join him in a march towards Central Park. However, the crowd was met with teargas, and the police attempted to disrupt Odinga’s convoy, resulting in chaotic scenes.

Undeterred, Odinga stated, “The time for talks is over, and we must take action now. We will act within the bounds of the law by collecting 10 million signatures to reclaim power for the people.”

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