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Police Seek To Question KPC Theft Mastermind David Muge As Arrests On Kenya Pipeline Crooks Looms



David Muge in the delegation that went with DP Ruto to Uganda.

About Sh70B is estimated to have been stolen from Kenya Pipeline in what is possibly the biggest theft of taxpayers money from a public company in the Kenya’s history. This comes from a pile of corruption scams cutting across murky deals and tenders in the national carrier.

According to a recently leaked intelligence report from the national unit, several top ranked officials in the corporation including the MD Sang have been  named in the oil line heist.

A one David Muge who’s like a ghost only identified as Mr. DM has been identified as the biggest scam in the theft and the mastermind in the biggest fraud scheme targeting taxpayers money in Kenya.

Detectives are trying to figure out Who is Mr David Muge(DM) who signed the commission agency agreement with Zakhem for ksh 6B. David Muge signed the commission agency agreement with Zakhem for ksh 6B a project Kenya Pipeline Had Budgeted Ksh16Billion But Plan Ended Up Costing Ksh52B Plus In The Scandalous Deal With Zakhem International.


A big question in the report is the mysterious man in the middle of this scandal. According to our independent investigations and sources, we’ve placed the man in London and will reveal more explosive info on our subsequent series exposing the KPC crooks.

One of the thefts the police are looking into is The KPC LINE 6 SINENDET –KISUMU PIPELINE where according  to the report, was initially awarded to Petrojet Limited and later cancelled  on instruction of Charles Ketter then not a CS to enable CPP will the tender. The report trails the Movement of money from CPP the Kenyan companies not related to the project And questions the Role of Charles Ketter in the tender. Mr David Muge is inked in having signed an agency agreement with CPP for ksh 300M.

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Dr David Muge a veterinary doctor based in London  for ‘Animals For Us’ and also runs other companies;  Clifton Energy Limited, Director Great Rift Coffee which are just the known businesses but under his cap is a lot. He’s not known to many and would easily pass unnoticed.

Detectives according to DCI sources talking to Kenya Insights are narrowing down on the man suspected to be a point man of the Deputy President and a deal broker not only in the KPC scams but other spaces. He hails from the DP’s community. In the anti corruption purge, DP Ruto who’s currently on the top list of wealthiest Kenyans is being given a suspicious eye given his overnight acquired empire.

DCI Kinoti has confirmed investigations on the KPC scamming and narrowing down on the masterminds in which our sources places Muge asa tip priority suspect. Britain PM, Teresa recently paid Kenya a maiden visit in which she signed a deal with the Kenyan government to repatriate stolen money from Kenyan taxpayers hidden in Britain.


Being in London, it must concern the British Goverment the integrity and moral values of Davi Muge who’s a practicing vet in the country. The government should also make it a priority to trail and audit his financial lines in the spirit of cordial relation signed. Kenyan Goverment through the Office of Public Prosecution has reinstated their stand in fighting corruption and vowed to pin down public funds criminals like those in Kenya Pipeline that Muge is entangled in, only time will tell if the Britain will live to their words and not only investigate the financial trails but integrity standards of Muge who’s currently stationed in London.

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