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Palm-greasing Corrodes Sasra CEO Recruitment​.



It is barely a week since Kenya insights dug  into the status quo of the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (Sasra) CEO recruitment exercise that has since been marinated with money bags for bribery of the board as the deep state cartels within are using their resources at disposal to fix in acting CEO Paul Njuguna whose unorthodox as per the disgruntled staffs within – testifies that it only favors the cartels.

Njuguna is at the helm of proximity to grasp the power and already thinks he already wield it. Peter Njuguna took over from  John Mwaka for the CEO position. Mwaka is said to had been brought in as part of the dream sanity team of former CS for Industry, Trade and Co-operatives Adan Mohammed following his war against the corrupt agency. On this ground, when Mwaka took over from his predecessor Carilus Ademba who was ousted by CS who refused to extend his term – Mwaka became ​ruthless with the rotten eggs within the agency.

Ademba was shown the door despite frantic maneuvers by cartels within the board who ensured within their means that Ademba was again recommended for a renewal of his contract at the authority.

Therefore, the corrupt SASRA board had to unconditionally get back to the drawing board in search of a ‘Co-operating’ CEO after their plans to keep Ademba failed and from his fate, came Mwaka who was the then manager in charge of policy, research and development at the authority. He replaced Ademba in acting capacity. But it was Njuguna at the time who was in the best suitable position as Chief Manager Sacco supervision at SASRA who enjoyed the profile and immense power next to the CEO but in terms of integrity, he wasn’t the right person for the CEO position being that CS Adan was after sanity of the agency by all means and didn’t want mole on his way.

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Now with the absence of CS Adan, Njuguna is flocking together with his fellow birds, the board and cartels and nobody expects much in his tenure but the worst. 

He is said to have kept on bragging how he has managed to pocket some board members including the chairman, by making sure that they come to his office weekly. Meaning that they draw per diem and sitting allowances on a weekly basis to ensure that they will favour his confirmation for the position. A powerful position in such a financial industry.

Njuguna is said to have fashioned himself as a well-connected man and surprised many when he recently confessed how he uses a Kenya Power PS Eng. Joseph Njoroge to wire money to CS Peter Munya.  Those in the know say that the party was partially funded by rich Njuguna’s uncle who has business interest in mining industry.

As Njuguna goes about his business , it’s evident that he has really tried to raise money to satisfy the board chairman.

Recently staff were ordered to do a report so that Njuguna could sack mwalimu Sacco board and CEO who refused to donate him money in kickback so as to be favored by his reign when he’s permanently confirmed in the CEO position.

Those delegated to carry out the witch-hunt through negative report said recounted how they struggled to do such a report since the issues are historical yet they had to impress the boss let they equally get fired, demoted or transferred to other departments which are less lucrative.

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‘We are hoping that someone would hear our cries but apparently it looks like we have no one to run to,’ one of the staff lamented. Njuguna’s uncle in question gives him money and where it’s not enough he will send the staff to harass Saccos so that he can be able to solicit funds from them as a way of securing their survival.

The CEO many times struggles to accommodate his demands and recently, he blatantly refused to pay a supplier who could not bribe him. The staff noted that they have an incompetent board which is highly compromised and a CS who is conflicted.

SASRA board needs an overhaul to bring sanity to the agency with Njuguna source of the insanity be investigated since the agency controls the economy of this country in a bigger portion and corruption isn’t healthy for the Saccos and their clients who will be feeling the pinch the authority’s ruthless sanctions.

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