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Not Yet Angry; Kenya’s Anger on Corruption Purely Cosmetic




In the last one week now going to the second, Kenyans social zones have been overtaken by corruption talks following an expose on the ministry of health unearthing a 5B scandal that has left the country’s jaws nearly hitting the grounds. Kenyans from all walks have for once unanimously castigated and condemned the government for rampant corruption cases that have themed the Jubilee administration.

Things got worse when it emerged that the President’s kin was part of the fleecing group only days after he admitted sterility on dealing with education during the anti-corruption summit held in Statehouse.

Just to give you a glimpse of scandals that have clouded the Jubilee administration since coming into power, here’s a brief compilation;

1. KSh. 53 billion Laptop tendering rejected by court, where about of money already allocated by Parliament unknown

2. KSh314.2 billion Standard Guage Tendering(shrouded inflated Chinese single sourcing)

3. KSh475billion Irregular Lamu Coal project award(a company that did not even submit a proposal at the RFP stage)

4. Ksh10billion GDC tendering scandal

5. K Sh55.6 billion JKIA New Terminal irregular tendering through KAA

6. GDC 60Billion failed oil drill well

7. Chicken-gate IEBC scandal kshs 50M

8. Weston Hotel primary school land grab

9. Lamu irregular land allocations revealed by postal Shabaab terror attack investigations

10. KSh. 8billion Karen Land saga involving 40mps

11. Ksh38Billion medical import irregular leasing

12. Parliamentary Accounts Committee

13. Mara Narok 4.5Billion KAPS Revenue collection scandal (Ruto)

14. 15Billion CCTV Single sourced to Safaricom

15. 1.3Billion irregular drug haul ship explosion

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16. 22 Dead Sheiks in Mombasa killed extrajudicially by Kenyan security forces (ref AlJazeera)

17. Kshs 100million hustlers jet

18. Uhuru Anglo leasing kshs 3Billion payout reward

19. The forced digital migration and secret PANG10% local shareholding muscling into projected$550M revenue in advertising next year

20. Goodyear convicted in the USA for 1.5 Billion and 135Million bribes to senior government officials.

21. Close to 1bn NYS scandal.

22. 140bn Ukutaberg scandal on Kenya-Somaliaborder

23. The Eurobond saga.

24. And now the 5bn Health sector scandal.

The list could go on and on as it keeps updating by the minute. There’s a feigned anger filled environment in the country currently with a ghost voice that Jubilee has fleeced the country. President Moi, a ruthless ruler who stole billions from Kenyans, had the audacity to call out the current regime for rampant looting. I mean you know shit got real when a thief call out fellow thief due being too much.

Kenya is a few months away from going to general elections, a question in many people’s minds is, will they vote differently? Will the different factors at stake like corruption withinJubilee influence the voting pattern and choice? The simple answer is no.

It’s only a matter of time before the feigned anger is forgotten, Kenyans are disadvantaged with a warthog memory, and by January latest when campaign caravans hit the ground it will be business as usual and everyone back to worshiping tribal demigods. This is a fact that the public fund looters know.

They’re working to steal enough to come and influence the voters. The greatest enemies of progress in any country are the middle class who’re okay with their space in life. They’re highly tribal, and that’s why they’ll vote back the same perceived devils only to start crying again for coming years.

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A friend from overseas keeps telling me the amount of corruption and incompetent leadership in kKenya is enough to spark a revolution and i rubbish her off coz we’re not angry yet, everything we’re hearing is choreographed nothing real, when we will genuinely get angry and not contented deep down that it’s mtu wetu stealing then perhaps we will have a revolution as one in Brazil against corruption but until tribal bondage is broken, things will remain the same. Politicians can sit easy; they’ll have their slaves back to their corner shortly.

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