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Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua Now Wants Leaders Politicking At Funerals Banned



Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua enjoying a meal with Machakos residents.

Lately, the Machakos Governor has been extra vocal  on national values perhaps the rumors that he’s positioning himself for a bigger seat in 2022 could be true.

The governor had dealt into a menace and a topic that many have been disgusted with, politicking in funerals, politicians have mastered the art and travel to the villages every weekend for funerals where the mourners gives them unsolicited large audience.

Church and funerals have given politicians platform to trade banters and it’s getting really dirty and morally disturbing.

“It is quite disheartening to go to a funeral where relatives of the bereaved are subjected to improper and most of the time callous political talk by some of our leaders.” Said Mutua while opening up on the subject.

He went further, “Some people wait for someone to die so that they can use the audience that has come to pay homage to the deceased and the funeral as a platform for insulting others and to engage in empty politics. Any leader who goes to a funeral and uses the occasion to attack others or make wild political statements should be banned from speaking in funerals.”

Most of these leaders don’t even go the funerals to mourn instead take advantage of the grieving family and the dead to advance their agendas, “Why take advantage of someone’s death to enhance your personal agenda? That is not only selfish, greedy, wrong but also sinful. Most of the time, the politicians do not even know the person who has died nor have any personal connection with the bereaved family. All they see is an audience that has to listen to their vitriol.” Mutua continued.

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“People attend funerals to comfort the bereaved and to pay their respects to the beloved one who has left this world. They do not attend funerals to witness name calling, campaigns and even microphone grabbing. As a nation, we need to have better decorum and to reject the leadership of such leaders whose hunger for identity and fame blinds them to the reality at hand. They are just users who do not care about you and me and Kenyans who want development.” He said in parts.

He concluded by sending a warning and shaming such leaders, “Shame on you heartless leaders who use funerals as podiums to play empty politics. May God find creative ways of punishing you severely.”

Its unlikely that the governor’s sentiment is going to shift gears but these things must be said. Apart from politicians dancing on the graves of the dead, it’s kore hurting what happens in the church. Every Sunday we see clergy shamelessly giving politicians the pulpit to spew their vitriol. It’s morally wrong and the Lord must be annoyed for turning the church into a political place.

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