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Instagram Meme Users Purged Losing More Than 500 Million Followers



Instagram influencers have woken up to another purge that has seen their accounts shut down and deactivated.

According to Facebook spokesperson, the accounts were disabled following multiple violations of platform policies among them attempted abuse of internal processes.

One affected Istagram influencer Declan Mortimer 17, claimed that his account generated up to 20million a year through adverts to his former more than 11 million followers.

Declan said his account deactivated because of Facebook’s massive meme page purge.

On the Night of Friday 26th, Instagram executed yet another purge terminating more than 30 accounts influential accounts with similar meme-like content citing policy violations.

For those who don’t know, a meme is an amusing rather interesting item, such as a captioned picture or video that is spread virally online through social media.

Meme page owners have stated that the termination of their Instagram accounts is heartbreaking and a financial blow to them.

According to Caige, the One 18-year-old whose account “@autist” was deactivated on Thursday said he had already made more than 3million this year alone.

Another affected user stated the action as endgame for influencers. Heavily followed Instagram meme users faced the biggest loss within a few seconds. This includes @Finest.Investions who had more than 13 million followers.

A hashtag #memepurge has been trending with users cskking Facebook, instagram owner, to look into the matter.

According to sources talking to media, meme pages are being deactivated because they were reaching out to users who also violate Instagram policy by selling verification services, retrieving disabled user names and reinstating banned accounts through a private program that is only supposed to be available for members of the media.

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Facebook confirmed that Instagram shuts down accounts that violate the company’s terms of use.

According to facebook, Violations results in termination if ones accounts include;
1. Trying to buy, sell or transfer any aspect of an account (including the username) or use login credentials of other users.

2. Sharing sensitive personal information, names, bank account details, addresses.

3. Transferring funds or sending money through Instagram or Facebook accounts.

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