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Facebook Upgrades WhatsApp’s Multi-platform Feature To Enable The Messaging App Work On Multiple Accounts



Facebook has now confirmed that they were working on a new multi-platform feature.  The feature has now been confirmed and WhatsApp users will be able to access the popular messaging app on their multiple devices simultaneously.

This is according to WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo, which stated that it’s “no longer a rumor, it’s confirmed”. Confirming that Whats App users will be able to use our WhatsApp account across multiple devices. It includes WhatsApp for Windows (UWP, when available), so you can use WhatsApp on your PC if your phone has no connection. iPhone/Android and iPadOS included.”

WABetaInfor had also revealed that WhatsApp messenger is working on a new desktop client based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). According to Facebook, the new software will allow one to use the messaging service even when their phone’s not connected to the internet. but that’s not immediately clear when the UWP app will be rolled out to users.

Right now your WhatsApp account is linked to your phone number, and in order to sign into WhatsApp on a device, you need to be logged out on all or any other devices. Many people have been wondering why WhatsApp restricts users from using multiple devices considering that Telegram allows it and still manages to deliver messages securely using end-to-end-encryption on both devices.

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Facebook’s other apps, Instagram and Messenger are both able to run on multiple devices simultaneously something that makes even less sense is when the same Facebook company makes an exception to the rule by allowing users to run WhatsApp Web from a browser while still logged in on their phones.

WhatsApp’s web version of its popular messaging app was released back in 2015, but in order to use it, one needs to have their phone connected to the Internet. Users also have to authenticate their accounts on computers by scanning a QR code on the web client through the built-in camera functionality within the WhatsApp application on their phone.

There was no technical reason why it couldn’t be done, this is the era where everyone using multiple devices in their daily workflow. Logically, allowing whats App users to use the App on multiple devices simultaneously is a very big step from Facebook and the update is definitely, without a doubt going to boost app users.

The upgrade has been introduced at the right time where everyone wants apps and in this case, WhatsApp is able to access WhatsApp on their Phones, Phablets, Tablets, and PCs without having to rely on a browser-based solution. The incorporation of the multi-platform feature on WhatsApp will be the best upgrade from Facebook.

On top of the multi-platform feature and the UWP app, WhatsApp messenger is separately working on several other features such as WhatsApp Payment which possibly could be one of the biggest features of the Facebook-owned messaging platform. This feature will enable users to perform payment transactions within the app.

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Another feature getting tested as well is the Quick Edit Media Shortcut, which would allow users to edit media files that have been shared on the messaging app. It can be used to edit media files quickly that are shared on both individual and group chats.

According to reports, WhatsApp is set to launch a voice message preview feature for iOS. How will it work; WhatsApp will send push notifications for voice messages along with a preview tool. This means that iPhone users can open the voice message directly from the notification panel. At present, users on iPhones and Android devices need to open the chat to listen to the voice messages.

WhatsApp also recently started rolling out the ‘Frequently Forwarded’ feature in a move to curb down fake news on its platform. The new feature marks messages that are sent multiple times as “forwarded many times.”

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