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Havi Removed As LSK President, Chair Caucus Takes Over



The Law Society of Kenya that has been marred by leadership wrangles has finally moved to put its house in order.

Following the exit of Nelson Havi as President and two chairpersons serving in the Caucus, the association has made changes in efforts to comply with a court order that issued several directives to ensure the smooth running of affairs.

LSK has been marred by leadership wrangles pitting Havi and the CEO resulting in the emergence of two splinter groups that have been embroiled in unending feuds and fisticuffs, denting the lawyers’ reputation.

According to a statement from LSK branch Chairs Caucus, Linda Kiome (Mt. Kenya Branch, Caucus Chair) takes over all the responsibilities of the President while the Chairs Caucus that has been reorganised has with effect from the 11th January 2022 taken charge of the role of the Council for the remainder of the term that expires in March.


The high court on December 20 nullified the suspension of the CEO Mercy Wambua and council members.

In the judgement, Justice Mrima further directed the council to convene within 21 days, failure to which the Chairs Caucus shall take over the functions of the council.

“If council remains dysfunctional and not able to conduct business, the Chairs Caucus shall take over the functions of the council with the Chair of the Branch exercising powers of the president of LSK for the remainder of the term ” Justice Mrima ordered.

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The order lapsed on January 10 paving the way for the changes after the LSK Secretariat and the Council refused to convene a meeting.

“In our meeting today, we received confirmation from the LSK Secretariat that the Council has been unable to convene a meeting in compliance with the directions given by the court. In default thereof and pursuant to the said decision, the Branch Chairs Caucus has with effect from the 11th January 2022 taken charge of the role of the Council for the remainder of the term of the Council” the statement by the chair Mathew Nyabena, explained.


In light of the development, the council members and the secretary will conduct any business.

“The Branch Chairs Caucus also took into consideration the decision by Justice Mrima that once the Caucus takes over the role of the Council none of the current of the Council including the Secretary shall in any manner whatsoever deal with any of the affairs of the Law Society of Kenya in their respective capacities as members of the Council and or Secretary as the case may be” added Nyabena who is also the Coast Branch, Caucus Vice-Chair.

The Caucus comprises the following members; Linda Kiome (Mt. Kenya Branch, Caucus Chair) B. Mathew Nyabena (Coast Branch, Caucus Vice-Chair), C.Justus Mutia (South Eastern Branch, Caucus Secretary), D.Eric Theuri (Nairobi Branch, Caucus Treasurer.

Others are E. Sussy Rautto (West Kenya Branch, Caucus Deputy Secretary), F. Henry Kenei (North Rift Branch, Caucus Deputy Treasurer), G. John Ochang’ (Rift Valley Branch, Caucus Practice Secretary), H. Wilkins Ochoki (South West Branch, Caucus Welfare Secretary).

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Caucus Chair Mathew Nyabena retirement is impending while Joshua Martim formerly North Rift branch chairperson has retired.


The new Caucus is set to hold its first meeting at the LSK Secretariat offices on Thursday, January 13, 2021, to discuss the management of the Society with a view of ensuring the smooth running of the Secretariat and delivery of services to members.

“We appreciate the need to sustain the smooth operations of the Secretariat to ensure continued processing of Practicing Certificates and also put in place adequate arrangements to conduct the LSK elections in compliance with The LSK Act and Regulations” the Caucus assured.

Havi, who is eyeing a political seat ahead of the 2022 general elections, was elected LSK boss in February 2020 after trouncing Charles Kanjama, Harrier Chaggai, and Maria Mbeneka.

His tenure has, however, had its fair share of ups and downs with the battle for control of LSK affairs between him and CEO Mercy Wambua resulting in protracted legal wars.

He announced that September 24th special meeting was his last assignment as President.


Under the current society laws, the president only serves one two-year term and thus his tenure was expected to end in March 2022.

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