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Handshake: A Political Cheat Game



President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in President's Harambee House office Photo|Standard

Former Starehe MP Maina Kamanda finally clears the air about Handshake.

The Jubilee’s nominated MP has said that President Uhuru’s impeachment plans were underway.

With all the talk now resurfacing of what the handshake did, is doing or not doing lays unanswered questions.

If The handshake was the only thing that saved President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was planning the impeachment.

Was that the only thing that the Handshake was all about?

How exactly did the handshake save Uhuru’s regime?

So many people, some who had believed in change by revolution in order to reclaim Kenya, were made to look like a confused society.

The handshake portrayed our political carelessness. Self love political agendas. Political hopelessness. It left many Kenyans puzzled because it is a ‘Political magic.’

Handshake still looks like a shallow thought-out political cheat game.

The Government of Kenya is still spending our taxes in running the same loosely thought out political cheat game.

Handshake was an idea to create a political auction. The masterminds failed in setting up the right time before its launching.

A rushed idea that is now being dangled  around the people to make it viable.

There’s still increased corruption. There’s a political calm down because the handshake slowed everything down. The handshake has made political demonstrations uncouth.

There’s still over borrowing. There’s still political rivalry. There’s still tribe orientation in our current political set up.

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Kenyans are still getting divided by the current political cheat game. Tribal hatred is picking up and government running out of options.

Handshake or not. We want accountability, transparency and developments from the government.

We can’t be voting and supporting a government that has invested in killing our economy and auctioning our economy to neocolonialist with public debt.

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