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Eight Kenyans Arrested In Rwanda Over Attempted Theft On Equity Bank



Rwanda Investigation Bureau has nabbed an organized gang of eight Kenyans, Three Rwandese and one Ugandan over a cyber fraud attempt on Equity bank in Rwanda.

RIB said that the gang was nabbed while in the process of hacking into the bank system to drain money from clients’ accounts.

In September, Kenya insights published a series of well-informed and researched articles from the Chief editor of Kenya Insights highlighting back to back in-depth details of how and what 3 Kenyans are going through in Rwanda, the Rwandese Department of Justice has finally done the much-anticipated worry of  jailing the Kenyan entrepreneur and investor Charle Kinuthia two years in the prison over an alleged training scam in Rwanda.

In Our recent articles that highlighted when internationally renowned motivational speaker and business strategist Dr. Charles Kinuthia aka Coach Ck touched down in Rwanda with his team for a Wealth Fitness Conference, he thought it was going to be an exceptional event like one of the many other successful events he’s held across the world, in twenty-seven countries.

However, things would take an unexpected turn quickly, as it has. He and two of his employees, all Kenyans are still currently being held in inhumane conditions in Mageragere Prison, 30 km outside of Kigali, Rwanda. It has been verified that when Coach Ck first arrived at the prison, he was stripped of his clothes, beaten and forced to crawl in trenches full of sewer water and still continues to be mistreated while in custody.

Kenyans are losing it and the fraudulent nature of a few crooks in the foreign nations has since seen innocent and law-abiding Kenyans in Rwanda and other States face equal treatment as the criminal minds. Also, foreign States are judging all Kenyans like cartels and fraudsters since almost if not all of our institutions and leadership structures are scandal-ridden and led by known fraudsters.

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