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David Ndii Calls President Uhuru A Greedy Rudderless Drunken Idiot



The hate these two have for each other is on another level. Ndii unlike Uhuru, doesn’t mince his words and will shoot from the top of his stand. It’s an open secret that he loathes the President.

So during the worker’s day ceremony that was held in Statehouse for the first time with a smaller audience because of the Covid19 pandemic, the President went up in flames with his critics.

“Think before you start talking nonsense, we must protect our economy, this is not the time to be petty!” Kenyatta lashed out at those criticising move to send flowers abroad. The President who looked visibly angry, said those opposed to his move were only being petty and shortsighted, adding that the country ought to look ahead.

“I was amazed when some people said I made a mistake by sending those flowers abroad.  Those flowers employ thousands of Kenyans. People are remembered during calamities. Sending those flowers will make them remember us when the market will open again. They will come back and buy from us because we remembered them at their lowest,” said President Kenyatta.

The President also urged Kenyans to remain hopeful and optimistic in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic that has continued to ravage the whole world.

“Coronavirus will not be with us forever. We want to retain our markets after this pandemic… Think before you post nonsense on social media. We must protect our economy, we must look into the future, and we must look at what we are going to do after we survive…This is not the time to be petty, or cheap. It is time to come together and plan the future of this great land, “added President Uhuru.

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Many people took the reference to social media nonsense for David Ndii ego has sustained attacks in the president’s response to the pandemic. Ndii didn’t mince his words as always and hit back to Uhuru.

“Now you cry because your businesses are reporting losses? Six weeks after I urged to roll out measures to protect business and jobs what have you done, other than launch baloons and sending flowers to your masters? Greedy rudderless drunken idiot.” Ndii wrote on his Twitter page in a reply to Uhuru’s outrage.

Joining in attacking Uhuru was Miguna Miguna, “In the world of Macroeconomics, exporting flowers to save the economy is just hogwash. The drunkard must be high on something. Equally, Kenyans supporting this nonsense are just ignorant or selfish.”

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