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‪Money Heist: G4S Has A Long History Of Getting Robbed‬



Administration Police officers inspect a G4S cash-in-transit van in Unguja after a robbery. PHOTO|NMG

Over the years G4S security has been making news for all the wrong reasons. The company which boasts of specializing in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat have lost billions of Kenya Shillings they were supposed to safeguard.

Here is a timeline of some of the most notable heists that took place while G4s were in charge of security from 2009 to 2019.

September 2009 – Administration Police and G4S employees make away with Ksh34 million they were supposed to be loading onto ATMs at Yaya Centre in Nairobi.

November 2009 – An Administration Police (AP) and a G4S security van driver steal Ksh22 million. In a statement released by G4S Director of sales the driver and the AP made away with $300,000 at about 1pm. The money was destined for Wilson Airport enroute to Juba, South Sudan.

Amount of money stolen under G4S between September and November 2009 rises to about Ksh56 Million.

In the National Assembly official report 2009, Assistant minister, Ministry of state for provincial administration and internal security Mr. Ojode states the Government had began to loose confidence in G4S as the company had lost Ksh86,651,000 while in transit.

February 2010 – A G4S cash-in-transit ‘crew’ disappear with over Ksh300 million in Mombasa leaving the police escorts stranded. “We have no doubt this is an inside job.” Head of Special Crime Prevention Unit Richard Katola says.

October 2010 – Thugs disguised as G4S personnel and police officers walk into a commercial bank in the city centre and steal Sh80 million. “Co-Op bank sues G4S in 2013.”

January 2011 – A Ms Atieno Owiti and Bibian Nyaga of G4S are charged with stealing Ksh 24, 181, 657 property of G4S at Standard Chartered bank Harrambee Avenue branch.

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Between July 16, 2012 and October 29, 2013 – Mr Wambugu a G4S Kenya accounts Clerk is charged with making away with Ksh59 million from his employer by colluding with senior managers and suppliers.

April 2013 – Gangsters allegedly ambush G4S transporting KCB bank’s Sh6.7 million from Busia to Kisumu before making away with over Sh5 million near Ugunja.

December 2016 – January 2017 – Four G4S employees charged with stealing Ksh580,000 from Faulu bank along Ngong road. Investigations reveal that the alarm went off at around 2am and the backup team from the security firm went to the bank then left without reporting anything.

April 2019 – Ksh 14 million stolen at 4 Barclays bank ATMs during Easter holiday.  Police turn to G4S the security group contracted to man the four ATMs suspecting an inside job.

September 2019 – Imposters pretending to be police escorts steal Ksh72 million from Standard Chartered Bank  ATMs and G4S in Nairobi West Area.

All these heists follow a similar trend to shout Inside Jobs. A bigger story in the cooks as big people in higher ranks suspected to drive and plan these movie like heists. Do you consider G4S a reliable courrier? Leave your comments down below.

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