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Two Parents Move To Court To Have Homeschooling System Recognized In Kenya



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Two parents from Kakamega County have moved to court to have Home schooling recognized in Kenya.

Silus Shikwekwe Were and Onesmus Mboya Orinda moved to Butali magistrates court to argue in a petition that the school enrolment requirement limits the scope of education.

The parents say every child has rights most importantly constitutional freedom of conscience, opinion, belief and free will.

This comes a time when the education system and handlers are in a cash twenty two situation on the issues concerning the enrollment of competency based curriculum.

It’s definitely time to have home schooling recognised because it’s the best alternative system of education in our country right now.

The two petitioners who are also parents of Home schooling, said they will challenge the criminalisation of non-enrolment in either a public or a private school in Kenya.

Mr Were was arrested on 18th of February this year alongside his children by Malava sub-county education officers and later charged before a Butali court in Kakamega.

Were is accused by the State of failing in his parenting duty to ensure his children enrol to private or public school.

While in court, Were argued that Basic Education Act that illegally forces a child for either private or a public school enrolment goes against the rights of a parent to determine the system and manner in which their children will receive education.


Speaking to this writer, Were said he’s going to sue the State and County education chiefs for the his arrest, questioning and the incarceration of his children.

Were told this writer that a child sitting in a class is just a formality. This doesn’t necessarily mean s/he will be receiving education or gaining knowledge for their well-being and development.

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On a reality check, Most of the Kenyan classroom are like detention centers.

The humiliation and stigma in them subjects every child with an education difficulty to mental torture that severely inhibits their full development and confidence.

We all know that there is no conclusive guarantee that sitting in a classroom qualifies quality education, morals, values and principles of the child.

With that out, there also is no proof that home education Or Schooling compromises children rights to education.

Home schooling is a new generation education system that has been adopted and legalised throughout Europe and United States of America.

These are countries that we literally had our constitution written in comparison of theirs.

Also, home schooling is legal in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and South Africa.

Were Is one amongst many parents in Kenya who have chosen to provide home education to their children.

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