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The Big Question Is Where Does The Rest Of Unused Banned Vaccine Go



One of the major question that’s not being touched currently in respect is where does the rest of the already imported banned Sputnik-V vaccine go to. The government of Kenya pulled a real quick turnaround on a vaccine that themselves approved and allowed it’s importation by private companies.

Its estimated that in its 3 days of administration, close to 500 Kenyans had already been vaccinated and a booming demand. According to reports, 100,000 doses had been imported into the country with about 3M doses said to be on shipment currently to Kenya.

So for the 90,000 un administered doses where do they go and which measures is the government putting in place to ensure they don’t get administered through the backdoor contrary to MoH protocols?

And what measures is government putting in place to ensure that vaccines said to be on shipment don’t get into the country illegally given that our borders and ports have been porous due to weak institutions easily penetrated by corruption.

Kenya’s vaccination rollout has been criticized as horribly slow and derailing the process of keeping as many protected and private sector entrance into the rollout was applauded by proponents who saw it as a great step in increasing country’s speed in achieving maximum range. Critics have also claimed crooked businessmen would put profits first ahead of human health. However, if a supervised chain can be implemented then collaboration of private companies with the government should be encouraged.

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