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Sarah Wairimu In First Round Win For Cohen’s Sh400M Estate



Sarah Wairimu.

The widow of Dutch businessman Tob Cohen has won the first round court battle to control the multi-million-shilling estate owned by her late husband.

The High Court Judge, Justice Mugure Thande, suspended a grant of letters of the estate administration given to Sarah Wairimu’s brother-in-law, Bernard Cohen, on May 18, 2021, based on Cohen’s last written Will.

He also stopped Bernard and his sister Hannah van Straten from dealing with the estate pending determination of the suit by Wairimu.

“Pending the hearing and determination of the suit, the court issues an order suspending the grant of probate issued to Bernard Cohen on May 18, 2021, and restraining him and the sister from utilizing that grant to deal in any manner with the estate of late Tob Chichou Cohen,” ruled Thande.

The judge also ordered Nairobi-based lawyer Chege Kirundi to surrender in court Cohen’s original written Will.

This is after Wairimu claimed the Will was fake stating that she has the original Will, which the court allowed her to present on February 11 next year.

According to the Will presented to court, Cohen did not leave any of his property and money to his widow.

Cohen gave their Sh400 million matrimonial home, that has been the centre of a dispute, to his sister Gabrielle and her children.

Cohen also willed 50 per cent of his estate to Gabrielle, 25 per cent to her two daughters and another 25 per cent to his elder brother Bernard.

Cohen gave their Sh400 million matrimonial home, that has been the centre of a dispute, to his sister Gabrielle Van Straten and her children.

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However, Wairimu opposed the Will by Benard and other family members saying they lied and misled the court by using forged documents.

“The alleged last Will was a forgery since it does not make any provision for me despite being the only surviving widow of the deceased. Their application for the letters of the grant was defective,” she said.

Properties at the centre of the dispute is a Sh400 million property in the leafy suburb of Kitisuru, shares at Tobs Limited, a tour firm Cohen Tours and Sh150 million cash in local and international banks.

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