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Revealed:Why Pregnant Women Are Losing Their Teeth



A file photo of a pregnant woman Photo|Twitter

Many women have been wondering why they lose teeth during their pregnancy periods.

Swollen sore gums which result to gum bleeding have become common during pregnancy.

Well, An Oral research by Dr. Stefanie Russell, an assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Health Promotion at US based
University of Denver, has revealed that most pregnant women get gum inflammation called Gingivitis.

Pregnancy gingivitis is caused by the hormonal increase of the blood flow to the gum tissue.

This is responsible for sensitivity, irritability and swollen gums.

Dr. Russell’s survey on over 3000 women from different nations and socioeconomic levels of the society reached a conclusion that known biological and behavioral changes associated with pregnancy and child birth are supposedly a major factor in tooth loss.

The study also reveals that closely repeated pregnancies leads to increased hormonal changes that interferes with normal bacteria response from the body.

This causes periodontal infections in which, without proper oral hygiene leads to Periodontitis.

Women who have periodontitis are the most affected by gingivitis that causes tooth loss.

Dr Warue, a resident Periodontist at Periodontic Dental Center in Nairobi, told the writer that most pregnant women ignore their oral and dental hygiene.

“Many women have ignored their oral hygiene, a behavior that has increased cases of periodontitis” Dr Warue told the writer of this site.

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Dr.Warue also admitted that Periodontitis causes premature births.

He said women should be advised much on how to take care of their oral hygiene.

Dr Warue said that pregnant women at least have to;
a) Oral checkup with a dentist.
b) Use salty warm water to rinse
their mouth.
c) Brush their teeth after vomiting,            mostly caused by morning sickness.

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Pregnant women are also advised to continuously practice good oral, dental hygiene and good Nutrition.

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